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Generally speaking, the mixed decoration style between China and Europe is to integrate the Chinese decoration style and the European decoration style to create a unique home living environment with individualism

many friends like the European style of decoration, but due to different lifestyles, it is not convenient to completely build the home space into the European style of decoration -

the Sino European mixed style came into being

generally speaking, the Sino European mixed style of decoration is to integrate the Chinese style of decoration with the European style of decoration, creating a unique home living environment with individualistic colors

in the room with mixed decoration between China and Europe, the decoration elements, decoration materials and decoration ideas of the two decoration styles can be adopted and matched at will, which has a strong randomness, highlights the designer's personal aesthetic point of view, and is more in line with the living habits of residents

absorbing the cultural heritage of two mature decoration styles, the home space mixed with China and Europe collides with a more unique artistic spark

in the design of China Europe hybrid, although it is full of casualness everywhere, it is not that it can be randomly matched with us. Here, it refers to "casualness", not "casualness". Perhaps, you are very fond of many elements in the two decoration styles. However, when choosing them, we must consider whether the two can be used at the same time, whether they are coordinated and beautiful together, and remember to avoid messy and mixed

the design of each house not only expresses the designer's design concept, but also describes the same design theme, and all decoration designs are carried out around the same theme

the design of Sino European mixed decoration style also contains a design theme without exception. Perhaps this theme focuses on Chinese decoration style, or is more similar to European decoration style

the design description of Sino European mixed style emphasizes the primary and secondary collocation of two different decoration styles. The design with clear primary and secondary makes the home space of Sino European mixed style look more layered

the combination of the two decorative styles is not easy. We should not only be familiar with traditional culture, but also understand modern interior design. The two complement each other. Making the past serve the present requires both spirit and form. Often, "spirit" is more important than "form"

as shown in the figure, the overall decoration of the space is not as luxurious as European decoration. The flexible use of design elements makes the space look more fresh. A simple European chandelier can highlight the slightest luxury of European decoration style. The choice of floor furniture continues the composure of Chinese decoration, which people will feel very fond of at a glance

the details of the two styles echo each other, choosing the overall tone of dark red and white. The pattern modeling with Western retro style combined with the dark red of Chinese mainstream makes people bright and durable




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