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People living in cities feel too much modern life, so people seek to return to traditional or exotic elements and relax their tense nerves. American style chandeliers, with traditional and exotic elements, have a quiet sense of history and culture and a fresh sense of pastoral comfort at the same time. We introduce three kinds of American style chandeliers with different materials: Candlestick chandelier, crystal chandelier and glass bottle chandelier, so that the chandelier can not only become a household accessory, but also a work of art integrating art, decoration and function

part1: Candlestick chandelier is simple, classical and multi style

matching Description: this classical American chandelier is slightly simple, but also maintains the delicacy of classical American style. The whole space is in a modern and simple style. The slightly simple classical American chandelier, combined with the overall design style, becomes an indispensable decoration. This exquisite and stylish classical American chandelier makes the whole space icing on the cake and reasonably adds the simple and exquisite beauty of space details

matching products:

matching instructions: functional design, simple and bright colors and elegant and refreshing materials are suitable for the space with refreshing and simple style. The American chandelier in water silver and black wood is classic and stable, with smooth and simple lines, simple and elegant style space. After the decoration of this chandelier, it is gloomy with the classics and elegance of history in the brightness, revealing the luxurious mood. In general, it is as simple and lively as childish, and as adults, it does not lose its connotation and personality

installation instructions for chandeliers:

1. If there are multiple chandeliers during installation, pay attention to their position and length relationship. You can install the chandeliers while installing the ceiling, so that the position and height of the lamps can be adjusted based on the ceiling joist

2. The suspender can be lifted out of the ceiling by direct lifting and casing. The method of adding pipes is conducive to installation, which can ensure the integrity of the ceiling panel. Only drill holes at the positions where pipes need to be out. For the hanging cup directly out of the ceiling, it is difficult to align the drilling hole on the plate surface during installation. Sometimes, the method of installing suspenders first and then cutting off the panel for hole excavation and installation may be adopted, but it has an impact on the decorative effect

3. The suspender shall have a certain length of thread for height adjustment. Pay attention to the reliability of the connection when the light box is suspended under the sling suspender

editor's recommendation: black classic, classic and classic fusion, highlight Feifan's mature temperament




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