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Introduction: clothing store decoration is a science, which can reflect the taste of the owner, but also invisibly reflect the charm of clothing. Decoration is a major direction, and only by combining display can we become an excellent store. The decoration should reflect the highlights and characteristics, not only to have a good visual effect, but also to create a grade

store managers often don't know how to decorate personalized clothing stores, and skill is the key factor

1. First, understand the spatial layout of the store, then close your eyes, add your own ideas, and make a 3D rendering in your mind. Remember that this is only preliminary

2. Make an in-depth understanding of the store, including measuring the specific size of the store, and then find someone who can design, tell him your idea, and ask him to help draw an effect drawing. This drawing is only for reference, because the actual one cannot be the same as the effect drawing

3. Add in the clothing brands you want to operate, and see if it can be effective, because sometimes the decoration you want may not be suitable for the clothes you sell. At this time, you need to change your idea. Generally, if you don't want to move, you need to rely on local decoration to make up for it. A small decoration can redeem the overall situation

4. The next step is the most important step. For specific implementation, we should first calculate the materials, make a plan for what we need, and then go to the decoration materials city to ask for the price. We should be tough, ask the prices of various materials clearly, and make a preliminary total price, see what is different from what we expected, and see what needs to be adjusted

5. Find a worker, preferably a big bag, and ask him to give a budget. This time, the price you look at first will be used. Press down hard, don't press the bottom line, after all, people want to make money (tell a little trick, when a worker works, buy him some water or rice, he will appreciate you, and he will do a good job)

6. Workers don't look too tight when working, so they will fool you. In some small places, you have to direct yourself. Make workers think you know how to decorate, and they won't dare to fool you

7. The last is acceptance. It's time to save money. Find out the problems and deduct money (it seems a little too bad, hehe, saving money is the last word). If it can be seen in the past, don't repair it. It will be inferior to what it is now. Just deduct less money. Ha ha

8 When the shop is decorated, stand inside by yourself. Don't rush to stock up and see where small decorations are needed. This is called finishing touch

well, I'll introduce the decoration of clothing stores to you. Next, I'll wait for customers to come. I wish you all a lot of money. Entrepreneurship has become a trend now. Opening a clothing store is a good choice, but the decoration of clothing store is a headache





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