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Backing plate, which is used to press and pad some things, will be more comfortable and convenient to use. And we classify them according to their different materials. Now the most widely used ones are plastic and wood base plates

plastic backing plate, we also call it plastic card plate and forklift plate. It has many kinds and styles, such as: export plastic pallet, intermodal plastic pallet, moisture-proof plastic backing plate, moisture-proof plastic pallet and so on. Now let's introduce the function of plastic backing plate to you. Let's have a look

function of plastic backing plate

the main function of plastic backing plate is to meet the different needs of different industries. For example, in the electronic industry, electronic plastic trays can protect our electronic components to a certain extent. In addition, when on the dock, it can be used to make container plastic pallets for shipping and protecting our goods. In a word, plastic pads are widely used in warehousing and transportation

plastic backing plates can also contribute to the anti-corrosion industry. Because of the nature of its raw materials, plastic backing plates are also very popular in the anti-corrosion industry

secondly, for children who have just learned to write, the use of plastic pads can exercise their pen strength and the beauty of words. So in the campus, everyone has a plastic pad

advantages of plastic backing plate

* in terms of corrosion resistance, plastic pallet is the best, plastic wood is the second, and steel pallet is the worst

* in terms of moisture resistance, plastic trays have excellent performance

* in terms of moth resistance, steel tray is the best, followed by plastic tray

* in terms of average life, steel trays and plastic trays are indistinguishable

* paper and wood pallets have certain advantages in pallet weight

* in terms of load-bearing performance, steel pallets have the best effect; Poor paper tray

* plastic and steel pallets are better than paper and wood pallets in terms of service performance

* in the price of pallets, wooden pallets have advantages, followed by paper and plastic wood, and steel pallets are the most expensive

precautions for using plastic backing plates

1. Single sided plastic pallets can only be used on one side. The surface has grid shape and flat shape, and the bottom has Sichuan shape, Tian shape and nine foot shape

2. Double sided plastic tray refers to the same structure on both sides of the tray. The surface has grid shape and flat shape, and both sides can be used interchangeably. The selection of single-sided pallet or double-sided pallet should be determined according to the corresponding storage, loading and unloading handling equipment and status (such as warehouse type, shelf type, stacking or placement status, etc.)

3. Dynamic load refers to the maximum weight that the pallet can bear in motion when using a motorized forklift or a manual hydraulic pallet carrier (it is normal if the curvature is less than 1.5%)

4. Static load refers to the maximum weight that the lowest plastic tray can bear during stacking

5. Shelf load refers to the maximum weight that the plastic pallet loaded with goods can bear when placed on the shelf (it is normal if the curvature is less than 1%). General standard series pallets can bear 0.4t~0.6t when loaded on shelves, and heavy-duty series pallets can bear 0.7t~1t

plastic backing plate, its raw materials are very common, so it is very suitable for large-scale production. Secondly, its price is very low compared with the wooden base plate. And its service life is very long. It is a recyclable product, which is in line with our current green design

the above is the introduction that Xiaobian brings to you. If you want to know more about relevant knowledge, please continue to pay attention to Qijia consulting. Please look forward to more wonderful consulting





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