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Recently, some netizens posted a post on the Internet summarizing their clever ways to save money in the decoration of new houses. Today, Xiaobian will summarize this netizen's practice and talk about ways to save money in new house decoration in combination with other people's opinions

1. The display cabinet is not used as a wallboard

you can also use the wallboard to save money. In addition to the moisture-proof function, the nail wall panel of the cabinet also has the consideration of weight. If there is no water seepage on the wall and no heavy objects are placed, you can not nail the wall panel of the cabinet. Like the display cabinet in the master bedroom, it is mainly for the owner to place personal collections and cosmetics, so the designer did not nail the wallboard, which is both economical and aesthetic

2. Domestic kitchen equipment

to save money in the kitchen, we must start with kitchen utensils and tiles. Considering the budget, designers use all domestic products. Originally, the countertop was made of Pearl board, but because the owner wanted an artificial stone countertop and the budget was insufficient, the designer generously gave it away

3. Three aluminum windows are the most cost-effective.

there was an aluminum window on the balcony wall, but because it was too old, the designer removed the original aluminum window and replaced it with a new one. The most economical way to use aluminum windows is to use three aluminum windows with 5mm thick reinforced glass. If you use lattice shaped aluminum windows, the price will be twice as much

4. Lattice glass replaces the lattice floor door

the floor door leading to the back balcony. The owner had hoped to make a lattice floor aluminum door, but the budget was really insufficient. The designer replaced it with lattice glass, which also has the effect of lattice floor door, but the price was saved by more than half

5. The partition wall is used as the dressing room

the dressing room is cheaper than the wardrobe, so the designer steals nearly 1 Ping (1 Ping equals 3.3 square meters) of space from the children's room, and separates the dressing room with wooden plywood. For beauty, the designer also digs a hole in the wallboard for modeling

6. The floor is raised to make a bed frame

because the owner has two daughters, the bedroom also needs at least one double bed or two single beds. The designer considered that since it is necessary to make a wooden floor, it is better to raise the floor and place two single mattresses on the floor, so as to save the cost of two single mattresses. Although it costs more to build a high floor, it is cheaper than two bedsteads

7. Cabinet with woodwork matching system furniture door pieces

to save money in decoration, we must use our brains from woodwork. Generally, the pricing method of wooden cabinets includes the cost of door panel paint in addition to the price of woodworking cabinets and hardware accessories. In order to save money, the designer used carpentry nails as the barrel of the cabinet, and then used the door of the system cabinet, which not only saves the cost of door paint, but also saves a lot of money because the price of the system cabinet is cheaper than that of the wood cabinet

8. The porch partition screen is replaced by a shoe cabinet

in order to prevent visitors from seeing the living room at a glance, the owner of the house has always hoped that the porch partition screen can be made at the entrance. Considering practicality and budget, the designer suggests to use shoe cabinet instead. Although the price of the shoe cabinet is more expensive than the porch screen, it is more practical, and the most important thing is to save the cost of the porch screen

9. Polished quartz brick replaces marble floor

I like the smooth texture of marble, and the owner has always hoped that the floor of the living room can be paved with marble. But because marble does not include construction, light materials are very expensive, and the budget does not allow. The designer suggested 60 × 60 polished quartz bricks instead, of course, save a lot of money

the above is the nine experiences of new house decoration summarized by Xiaobian for you. I hope it will be helpful to your decoration




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