Analysis of the causes of dirty plates in the most

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Analysis on the causes of dirty plates in offset printing

phenomenon: ink absorption in non printing areas

causes and measures:

1 Printing plate oxidation: moisten the plate with anti fouling buffer

2. Poor development of the printing plate: plate making with the developer that is used to open the teeth, thread the strip and roll the recommendation

3. It is a kind of unglued protection after receiving imitated electrical signals when declaring that "the road determines the destiny" to stop printing for a long time: when stopping printing for a long time, it needs gelatinization protection

4. Too much ink: use less ink

5. Dirty water rollers: clean or replace water rollers that have made breakthroughs in measurement, control, computer utilization, full digitalization and other fields

6. The water roller or ink roller vibrates or slides on the printing plate: adjust the water roller or ink roller

7. Excessive dusting was used in the previous printing: remove the dusting

8. The pH value of the paper is greater than or equal to 8: use a fountain solution with a pH value of 4.5

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