Analysis of the artery in safety production

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The concept of "artery"

safety production in safety production work, in a general sense, means that in social production activities, through the harmonious operation of people, machines, materials and the environment, the following potential accident risks and injury factors that must be paid attention to in the production process are always under effective control, so as to effectively protect the life safety and health of workers. The Encyclopedia of China defines work safety as a policy aimed at ensuring the safety of workers in the production process and a principle that must be followed by enterprise management. From the perspective of the concept of safety production, people are the first, and the person who is most injured by safety production is still people. Machines are second, and all "machines" are operated by practitioners. It can be seen that people are the guarantee for the smooth progress of safe production -4 Friction experiment wheel ----- artery

first, analyze from the "human" side. For this reason, the development of high-performance polypropylene modification technology faces great challenges. In the whole production, people are divided into safety production managers and practitioners. To do a good job in safety production, the first task is to effectively strengthen the safety production education and training for employees at all levels of the company. To prevent accidents, we must pay attention to the education and training of safety production management personnel, constantly improve their safety knowledge and safety management ability, and realize the transformation of "I know safety → I can be safe" in safety work. At the same time, strengthen the safety education and training of employees, improve the safety awareness of employees, enhance the safety operation skills and safety management level of employees, and realize the transformation of "I want to be safe → I want to be safe" in safety work. Minimize the occurrence of personal injury accidents. It truly embodies the "people-oriented" safety management thought

secondly, analyze from the "machine". All machinery, vehicles, ships and equipment in work safety are operated and driven by employees. Before taking the post, the employees shall strictly follow the safety education and training management system to carry out the registration, training, assessment and other work of the three-level education and training of safety production for employees at all levels, closely linked and checked at all levels, standardize the safety education and training management of enterprise employees, and truly achieve the goal of all employees' training and certification. We will really do a good job in the annual retraining of employees and constantly improve the professional technical and theoretical level of employees. Carry out the assessment of Vocational and technical grades and professional and technical competitions, and continuously improve the professional and technical level of employees through technical grade assessment and professional and technical competitions. Master the safety operation procedures for machinery, vehicles and other posts, improve the actual operation ability of post professional skills, 2. The total emission of sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide, give full play to the best combination of people and "machines", and give full play to the human factor in the operation of "machines" by people, so as to provide a strong guarantee for the safety production of employees

the foothold of safety is at the grass-roots level, and accidents mainly occur at the grass-roots level. Safety production is a dynamic management work, which is difficult to supervise. In the actual process, "people" from all aspects need to cooperate and support each other

most accidents are caused by people's illegal operation, so it is particularly important to do a good job in the management of "people" in safety production. Only by giving full play to the wisdom and energy efficiency of management personnel, educating employees to abide by laws and regulations, operating in accordance with regulations, truly operating in harmony with people, machines, materials and the environment, and keeping unsafe factors under effective control, can employees' personal safety and health be protected

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