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Application analysis of heavy hammer butterfly valve

1. Technical principle

heavy hammer butterfly valve is composed of butterfly valve body, hydraulic linkage bypass valve, heavy hammer, release device, manual oil pump (or electric oil pump), rack drive oil cylinder and electronic control, which are increasingly recognized by countries all over the world, so it is necessary to have a force sensor with high sensitivity coefficient (see Figure 1). The pressure oil from the oil pump is input into the rack drive cylinder, and the gear on the main shaft of the butterfly plate is rotated by the rack on the piston to open the butterfly plate, and the weight on the coaxial is lifted to the high point. The pawl on the heavy hammer locks the spindle through the locking shaft on the release device; The fixation of the locking spindle is controlled by the electromagnet and the supporting device. In case of an accident, due to the action of the electronic control part, the electromagnet is powered off, the spindle locking shaft loses control, trips and rotates around the shaft under the self weight of the heavy hammer, making the butterfly valve close automatically

the oil pressure system of the butterfly valve uses two-stage throttling to control the closing speed of the butterfly valve. At the beginning, the closing speed is faster, so as to reduce the duration and rate rise of the flying time; The latter stage closes slowly to control the rate of water pressure rise. The hydraulic control principle is shown in Figure 2

2. Technical features and main technical parameters

2.1 technical features

it has a hand electric dual-purpose oil pressure system assembled with the whole machine, which makes the whole machine compact in structure and easy to operate

when there is no external power supply, it can use gravity energy storage to shut down automatically. When the unit is over speed, the bearing is overheated and the generator loses excitation, it can be automatically closed, so as to automatically protect the unit

it has the characteristics of fast and slow two-stage closing

the locking mechanism controlled by electromagnet is safe and reliable with small operating force

2.2 main technical parameters in order to change this dilemma, indicators

take D-type heavy hammer butterfly valve as an example, the main technical data are: pressure, 1MPa; Diameter, φ 400、 φ 500、 φ 600、 φ 800、 φ 1000、 φ 1200; Maximum service head, 100m; Maximum boosting head, 145m; Opening time: About 5min manually and 1min electrically; Closing time: 5 ~ 10s in fast closing section; Slow closing section 10 ~ 50s; Overspeed protection 5 Jaso t 203 (2) 005 light alloy wheels for motorcycles covers 1.8 times the rated speed (adjustable)

3. Conclusion

first, it improves the reliability of equipment operation and ensures safe shutdown. Secondly, the labor intensity of operation workers and maintenance workload are reduced. The two units reduce the number of personnel on duty by 4, saving about 80000 yuan per year

in addition, the valve can automatically trip the heavy hammer to close in case of loss of auxiliary power in unattended or isolated power stations without standby DC operation power supply

in the design of some power stations, if it is impossible to find a suitable guide vane closing time under the conditions of the determined unit gD2 and the layout of hydraulic structures to ensure that the unit speed rise and the water pressure rise do not exceed the allowable value specified in the standard, then the heavy hammer butterfly valve can be used to close in two stages, fast and slow, first to reduce the speed rise, and then slow to reduce the water pressure rise. This method is more reliable than setting artificial resistance and more economical than setting surge shaft

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