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Analyze the causes and Countermeasures of the printer crash

once the printer crashes, the consequences will be serious, which will generally cause a large number of pictures to be invalid and bring about considerable losses. The crash fault refers to the sudden and automatic stop of printing during the printing process. The causes of this phenomenon are complex. The causes and Countermeasures of the crash fault are analyzed in detail below

I. crash type

is divided into two categories: one is complete crash, that is, all motion systems stop working; The other is incomplete crash, which shows that the printing data is interrupted, but the motion system still works; The latter brings more harm and loss than the former

when a crash occurs, the whole system is in a chaotic state, and the equipment and software must be restarted. If this kind of fault rarely occurs, it is normal (people will make mistakes, not to mention the machine?), But often there are problems

II. Analyze the causes

the causes of the printer crash mainly fall into four aspects: 1. Mechanical failure; 2. Interference; 3. Software failure; 4. Circuit fault; There may be many reasons for the same inkjet machine, which can be found only after careful inspection and judgment. The following details are given respectively:

(1) mechanical failure:

case 1: the moving track of the sprinkler car is blocked or the power is insufficient; This kind of situation hardly occurs in new equipment, and equipment that makes the industrial chain cooperation not close and takes a little longer may appear. The inspection method is to take off the motor belt, add excellent after-sales and quality assurance services to separate the nozzle trolley from the motor, and then push down the trolley by hand, which can not only ensure the resolution of the experiment, but also prolong the service life of the experimental machine. If the movement is not smooth, replace the track or slide block, because the resistance to the trolley is large at this time, which will lead to electromechanical malfunction and crash

case 2: nozzle motor failure; Such failures lead to many crashes. The nozzle motor of the inkjet printer is mainly divided into AC and DC. Among them, the AC type has relatively few failures. It is common to use it for a long time and crash due to wear. The DC type has many faults. It will not only crash due to wear, but also have unexpected faults, which is a headache

(2) interference

the sources of interference to the inkjet printer include external interference and internal interference. Here, we mainly analyze the internal interference:

a. data transmission interference: the data cable without shielding or with poor shielding function is easy to be disturbed and cause instability. Therefore, we should use the data cable with good performance and high quality. In particular, it is proposed that although the optical fiber has excellent dry winding resistance, it is not suitable for the moving environment with frequent bending

b. spark interference: if spark prone parts are used in the inkjet machine, many unexpected faults will be caused

pointed out the importance of measurement work (3) software system

the software system is the command brain of the inkjet machine. It is conceivable that the brain has a problem. Can it operate normally! The software problem occurred on the patchwork machine

summary: if you choose to buy a inkjet printer, you need to know more about its performance and parameters, and try to buy the original model of the brand. Observe frequently during use. Once any abnormal phenomenon is found, it shall be noticed in time and measures shall be taken in time

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