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Artificial intelligence in 2016 inventory: it has never been so close to the success of commercialization.

2016 is a significant year for artificial intelligence. Perhaps the perception in the field of technology is not obvious, but the "success" at the commercial level is unprecedented

from the go war between alphago and Li Shishi at the beginning of the year, to the press conferences related to artificial intelligence, and then to the just concluded first season of Western world. We were first shocked by AI, then captured by the commercialization of AI, and finally feared for the future of AI

there are feelings of compassion and ambitions of scientific and technological giants. Anyway, AI finally jumped out of the confinement of the laboratory and became the core force active in the field of science and technology

focusing on 2016, the most dazzling thing about AI is the start of commercialization. However, while AI is being added and laid out, there are also some disharmonious phenomena

the author will review what is ideal and what is reality from the current situation, scenarios and future trends of artificial intelligence

the third dividend period of artificial intelligence has been 60 years since the birth of the term "artificial intelligence", and two dividend periods have been ushered in in the 1960s and 1980s. According to this statement, around 2016 is likely to be the third dividend period of AI. More importantly, capital has shown unprecedented favor for AI

venture capital's survey report shows that as of November 2016, a total of 1485 companies related to AI technology worldwide have raised a total of US $8.9 billion

at the same time, CB insight released the survey results of American AI start-ups. The financing amount of such enterprises this year is about ten times that of four years ago, and the number of enterprises acquired has reached the maximum in recent years

foreign giants have acquired AI start-ups

what is more crazy and eye-catching than capital is the Internet giants who are crazy to run horses and enclosure:

in January 2016, apple acquired AI start-up emoient, whose achievement is to use AI technology to read facial expressions in pictures

in May 2016, eBay announced the acquisition of expertmaker, a Swedish enterprise that uses machine learning for big data analysis

in May 2016, Intel acquired itseez, a start-up specializing in computer vision (CV) algorithms, and plans to use itseez's expertise to create IOT from cars to safety systems

in August 2016, Microsoft acquired genee, a start-up company for two and a half years. Its main product is an intelligent scheduling tool with AI technology

in September 2016, Google successively acquired an AI platform for developing chat robots, only two months after it acquired moodstock, a visual search startup

in September 2016, Amazon acquired a low-key robot startup company. The co-founder of this company became the project leader of Amazon's "new robot products"

of course, the cases listed above are only a small part of the acquisition events of these technology giants in recent years. Alphago, which defeated Li Shishi, was created by entrepreneurs. The birth of Amazon echo intelligent sound has something to do with start-ups yap and evi. Even Siri, which once amazed the world, was built on the prototype of start-up products. These acquisitions have a distinctive American Internet color

domestic bat and other Internet giants have played gestures

similarly, the enthusiasm of China's Internet industry for artificial intelligence is also so high, but the mode is different from that of the United States

Baidu can be said to be the largest player in the field of artificial intelligence in China, such as Baidu brain, baidu medical brain, Tianzhi cloud computing solutions, etc. So that at this year's Baidu World Conference, AI successfully replaced o2o as Baidu's new "flag". Coupled with the frequent appearances of Wu Enda and Baidu driverless cars, Baidu has received considerable attention in AI

before 2016, Alibaba adopted the strategy of misplaced marketing, and unified AI planning in the following: a ≈ at this time, the unit of a is m/s2 "cloud services" to promote. Since 2016, Alibaba's actions in the field of artificial intelligence have also begun to become high-profile. First, in face recognition, speech recognition and other aspects of "dazzle technology" marketing, et robot was directly launched in August this year, covering speech recognition, image recognition, emotion analysis and other technologies

in the bat camp, Tencent can be said to be the most "slow" in AI. Until now, only Internet and hardware platforms have impressive actions. However, in terms of AI technology, Tencent has no less opportunities to be photographed than Baidu and Alibaba. This year, Tencent has successively invested in AI related companies such as data company diffbot and carbon cloud intelligence, or learned from foreign ideas

in addition, Yi, 360, iFLYTEK, etc. also see AI as a new round of opportunities. For example, Ding Lei bluntly said that "the direction of the next decade is definitely AI, such as car driving, auxiliary robots, etc." Yi itself has also launched a fully intelligent customer service system Yi Qiyu, AI anti garbage cloud service 7, and try not to wipe the reflectors and spectroscopes of the instrument

it is certain that although domestic Internet companies in the second and third camps did not make too many moves in 2016, most enterprises have started the layout related to artificial intelligence

even compared with giants, domestic AI entrepreneurs are not so dazzling, and the spring of the whole industry is an indisputable fact

in the global AI development report (2016) jointly released by Wuzhen think tank and Yi technology, among the 15 investment institutions with the highest AI investment focus, Zhenge fund and Weigang investment, two investment institutions from China, are impressively listed, and carbon cloud intelligence, go out and ask, yunzhisheng and other start-ups have also appeared very frequently

although the enthusiasm and height shown by domestic AI entrepreneurs are still less than those of the United States, Israel and other countries, it is understandable that it is not difficult to see AI enterprises of large and small at almost every science and technology exhibition

it is true that in the eyes of giants, "artificial intelligence" is an opportunity that cannot be missed. For entrepreneurs, "artificial intelligence" is a new dawn after interconnection, and capital also holds the mentality of investing in artificial intelligence "one capital, ten thousand profits". AI has placed too many people's ideals, but what about its practical application

what is the proposition of the landing of artificial intelligence in the layout of giant cards

as mentioned at the beginning, the perception of AI progress at the technical level is not obvious, and at least no scientist has come forward to "deify" AI. At the commercial level, compared with the last two bonus periods, it is enough to use the word "success". Previously, when it comes to intelligence and AI, many people like to call them pseudo propositions. So in 2016, when the commercialization is so successful, how about the landing of artificial intelligence

the author selects five application scenarios here to discuss

1. Intelligent chat robot

since Apple launched Siri, the voice assistant, people's desire for "chat robot" has further exploded. Although it is still far from "Jarvis" in science fiction movies, moving from virtual chat assistant to hardware supported robot has become one of the achievements in 2016, which also shows its importance to the Chinese market

typical products include echo smart speakers and various children's companion robots. Perhaps many people believe that the application of artificial intelligence in this field will take at least five years to mature

it is optimistic that such software or robots have been able to understand natural language and help people complete functions such as email and message reply. Compared with floor sweeping robots that can only complete specific instructions, Microsoft Xiaobing, Alibaba ET and other chat robots that combine cloud computing and big data have made great progress

2. Smart app

in the "top ten strategic technology trends in 2017" released by Gartner not long ago, smart app ranks second, which seems to indicate that AI technology will appear in more apps

in fact, applications of artificial intelligence technology have begun to appear in 2016, such as some payment tools integrated with face recognition technology, tool apps developed for image recognition technology, and e-commerce platforms detect bill swiping behavior with the help of machine recognition

according to Gartner's definition, the form of using artificial intelligence is to embed new intelligent features into existing applications in an industry. For example, food factories use artificial intelligence to check the color, shape and sesame distribution of bread, and constantly automatically adjust the oven and process according to the analysis results

3. Intelligent investment advisers

finance seems to be an area where AI is willing to "invade". Nearly 100 platforms have emerged only from intelligent investment advisers

as the name suggests, intelligent investment advisers are a combination of artificial intelligence and investment advisers. They use big data to identify users' risk preferences, and then customize the portfolio of risk assets through algorithms and models. The advantages are low cost, high service efficiency, wide coverage, and to a certain extent, it meets the financial needs of "thousands of people and thousands of faces"

there are well-known intelligent investment advisory platforms such as wealthfront, betterment and future advisor in foreign countries, and imitators such as Qianjing, latte finance and finance, and financial Rubik's cube have also appeared in China. Even the accounting software yiqianqian has begun to transform to intelligent investment advisory. However, under the pressure of policies and licenses, it is still unknown how far intelligent investment advisers can go

4. Intelligent hardware

the climax of intelligent hardware should be around 2014. After the bullish and bearish capital, many intelligent hardware began to join this group in 2016, including elements of AI technologies such as direct metal laser sintering (DMLS) and selective laser melting (SLM)

according to IDC's prediction, AI hardware revenue will grow at a compound annual growth rate of more than 60% in the next five years. However, the reason why IDC and others are so optimistic is that intelligent hardware is no longer synonymous with wearable devices such as smart bracelets and watches, and driverless, robots and unmanned aerial vehicles have become new targets of attention

2016, including Dajiang and zero intelligent control, began to make unmanned aerial vehicles intelligent, and unmanned driving was embraced by technology giants and auto giants. The development of artificial intelligence in this industry seems to be worth looking forward to

5. Replace artificial

using artificial intelligence to replace artificial has always been the long cherished wish of mankind. In 2016, the application of artificial intelligence in this field has also attracted much attention. In addition to the above-mentioned chat robots, application software, finance, intelligent hardware, etc., many cloud service platforms have also begun to introduce artificial intelligence technology

taking the popular live broadcast in 2016 as an example, the traditional content audit mechanism needs to invest huge human resources. The emergence of anti spam cloud services such as yiyidun, combined with artificial intelligence technologies such as deep learning, image recognition, semantic analysis, speech recognition and action recognition, has solved more than 80% of the human investment. The "machine audit + manual service" has gradually become the main form of UGC products. This is probably one of the most widely used fields of artificial intelligence

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