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The demand for plastics for construction and decoration is 1million tons

the demand for plastic products such as chemical building materials for construction and decoration in China will reach 100 million tons this year. Mobike recently released the fourth generation bicycle "new Lite". Among building plastics, the Ministry of construction and other five ministries and commissions require the popularity of plastic doors and windows to reach 15% this year, and the market share of plastic drainage pipes to exceed 30%. Based on the residential area of 600million square meters this year, if 20% to 30% of them use plastic building materials (plastic doors and windows, profiled materials and drainage pipes, etc.), it will need 800000 tons of plastic. Coupled with various plastic decoration materials such as imitation iron, imitation porcelain, imitation water quality. 1. Amorphous materials, imitation lacquer and so on, the total demand for plastic products for construction and decoration will reach 1million tons. (China Building Materials News)

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