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Financial institutions: artificial intelligence has ushered in a period of rapid change in the financial industry

in recent years, as the application scenarios of artificial intelligence in various industries have become increasingly clear, and the application industry and business scope have gradually increased, many enterprises have made layout in the fields of autonomous driving, medical auxiliary diagnosis, retail industry and business intelligence that analyzes consumers' consumption habits. Among them, the application of artificial intelligence in the financial field has attracted much attention. In the process of emerging technology landing, it not only promotes the maturity of the technology itself, but also brings new development opportunities to the whole industry. The relevant person in charge of the financing Institute believes that artificial intelligence is not only a generally optimistic trend, but also a new field to be seized by the next country and even industrial giants

nowadays, new financial institutions are actively seeking new changes, new development and new directions. According to the person in charge of technology development of the financing Institute, in the new era of financial technology, traditional financial institutions are also seeking to use emerging technologies, in which biodegradable plastics are developing particularly rapidly, to realize the change of business model and create greater business value. The relationship between fintech enterprises and traditional finance has also gradually become closer from competition. With the rapid development of financial technology, the concept of technology empowerment has been strengthened, and the operation mode of institutions has quietly changed. The construction of their own technical capacity and cooperation with traditional financial institutions have become the general trend

nowadays, the in-depth application of big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other technologies has brought dawn to the upgrading of risk control in the financial industry. Many financial companies have made technological innovations and actively embraced the transformation of artificial intelligence and other technologies. However, the overall strength still lags significantly compared with the international advanced level and developed provinces and cities. The financing place complies with the development based on its own technological advantages and builds its own financial ecosystem

artificial intelligence is the development trend of future science and technology, and it is also an irresistible step of human evolution. The person in charge of the financing Institute said that in the future, it will continue to combine innovative technologies to create a safer and more efficient risk control system to bring better service experience to customers

recently, a series of listing is the occurrence of platform thunderstorms, and investors are panicked. In terms of platform selection, the shareholders of listed companies seem to be less reliable: Shenzhen loan platform investment home thunderstorm, the parent company Jiawei shares (A-share listing) rushed to dump the pot, causing a series of problems such as the mystery of equity and the flow of funds, which stunned the outside world; The listing is P2P platform onehundred finance, and the overdue cashing scheme fails to meet the agreement; The first state-owned P2P platform in Anhui Province, Dezhong finance, a listed company under Xinli finance, has long been an open secret about the overdue news of its huge projects. According to the statistics of wind, excluding banks, non-financial and two barrels of oil, the overall debt ratio of 3424 A-share listed companies is 61%, while the listed shareholders of runaway platform are often in debt and cannot make ends meet. In this case, whether shareholders can lend a helping hand at the critical moment, another thing that is more worrying is whether they will cheat and empty the platform at the critical moment

in December 2016, Meidu energy raised 710million in xinhehui B round. What is it? Because of its listed company background and huge financing, it has attracted the attention of many investors. Mido energy accounted for 34% of the shares, ranking among the top in the proportion of listed companies participating in P2P. So at this stage, is Meidu energy able to provide strong support to xinhehui? It should be a question mark hanging in the hearts of investors

we try to look at the public data disclosed by Meidu energy: Meidu energy is an old listed company listed on the main board for nearly 20 years. At present, the whole asset quality is excellent. It is an enterprise focusing on the real economy and has a high risk awareness. Mido energy currently has an overall asset scale of 11 billion yuan, and its net assets rank 25th among nearly 430 listed companies in Zhejiang. Meidu energy's asset liability ratio has been maintained at about 30%

on July 23, at the meeting of xinxinxin future shareholders and management team investors held by xinhehui, Weng Yongtang, President of Meidu Energy Co., Ltd., represented Meidu Energy Co., Ltd. as the xinhehui platform. And made a positive answer to the questions of the outside world in the live broadcast. Meidu energy is an important shareholder of xinhehui. President Weng Yongtang clearly told investors: first, Meidu energy's confidence in xinhehui has never changed. Even in today's environment, Meidu energy is full of confidence in xinhehui. Second, there will be no divestment. Weng Yongtang affirmed the development of xinhehui in the past two years, including its performance growth. With the continuous improvement of corporate compliance and corporate governance, xinhehui has an increasing influence in the industry in Zhejiang. It can be said to be the Internet financial platform of the first camp of word-of-mouth. In the future, Meidu energy will provide more support to xinhehui

in the follow-up, if xinhehui has rounds C and D, will the original shareholders withdraw? In this question, President Weng Yongtang said that he would definitely not. He felt that the value of xinhehui was far from being reflected! He said that in the industry turmoil, Sino US energy communication and risk investigation found that xinhehui was as good as ever, and there were no problems with its business structure and underlying asset quality at present. As an important shareholder of xinhehui, Meidu energy will help xinhehui. At the same time, Meidu energy is also able to help xinhehui

president Weng Yongtang introduced to investors at the scene: whether from the company itself or the investment project, there is a lot of room to face possible risks. Mido energy is currently engaged in the industry guided by the national strategy, which is the upstream resource of new energy vehicles. In the next three years, the company has a very big plan, and will be the leader in China in terms of upstream resources of power batteries for new energy vehicles. I believe that Meidu energy has the ability to support xinhehui

president Weng Yongtang asks investors to rest assured that Meidu energy will be with xinhehui. Based on such high-quality assets as xinhehui, Meidu energy also has a coordinated and interactive layout in the financial sector. Meidu energy is the largest shareholder of Huzhou bank. It has the largest pawn company in Zhejiang Province, with a registered capital of 530million, and the second is 250million. Therefore, even if xinhehui has risks in the future, Meidu energy has the ability to digest and undertake the high-quality assets of xinhehui. In the current environment, as a listed company, the firm and positive attitude of President Weng Yongtang in the live broadcast is undoubtedly a positive energy that greatly boosts confidence in the industry. In addition to releasing the signal that xinhehui is a valuable and stable development platform to investors, it also shows that Meidu energy is a sensitive enterprise. It has made a positive demonstration to those listed companies that play self-financing at a good time and rush to throw the pot. This is what we investors can trust. With the full support of Meidu energy, the future development of xinhehui has a lot to see. Let's wait and see

data shows that Meidu Energy Co., Ltd. is a joint-stock company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation: Meidu energy, stock code: 600175), with a registered capital of 3.576 billion yuan. Meidu energy has developed for nearly 30 years since its establishment in 1988. The company's initial public offering and listing in 1999 increased its share capital from the initial 40million shares to 3.576 billion shares. The company adheres to the corporate purpose of being honest and concentrating on doing things, adheres to the business philosophy that development is the last word, and focuses on energy (traditional energy + new energy), finance and quasi finance, commercial trade, real estate, service industry, investment and other fields. As of the third quarter of 2017, the company had total assets of 18.441 billion yuan and net assets of 10.796 billion yuan. Since 2014, Mido energy has been involved in the financial platform, taking financial innovation as the future strategic positioning, and planning the blueprint of the financial field from the macro perspective of enterprise development. At the end of 2016, Meidu Financial Holdings acquired 34% of the shares of xinhehui, becoming the second largest shareholder of xinhehui

on July 23, xinhehui held a meeting between xinxinxin future shareholders and investors of the management team. Lou Jianmin, Secretary General of Hangzhou Internet Finance Association, attended as a guest to analyze the real industry status quo in the frequent thunderstorms of P2P lending platforms for the majority of investors and speak for the compliant and high-quality Hangzhou lending platform

the Secretary General of the live broadcast meeting said that through Internet finance, we can not only improve the property income of investors, but also solve the financing difficulties for small and micro enterprises and individual businesses. At present, we are in the throes of bad money affecting good money. Non compliant platforms and some fake P2P platforms will slowly exit the market. We cannot deny and question the whole industry just because of the problems that appear in the short term. The Internet financial industry should focus on long-term development, adhere to the original intention of Inclusive Finance and serving the real economy, and carry out compliant and prudent operations. There is still a long way to go for the compliance development of the Internet financial industry, and there is also great room for development and vitality. Hangzhou is the innovation center of Internet finance, and the innovation and development environment in the field of Internet finance has been very good. It's not that the platforms of the explosion are all in Hangzhou, but the public opinion guidance pays more attention to Hangzhou. The goal of Hangzhou is to build a global financial technology center with Hangzhou characteristics. Relevant government departments and excellent enterprises have been working hard, and I believe it can be achieved

Secretary General Lou said that some small platforms in Hangzhou have also run away, exploded and overdue, which has also attracted the attention of provinces and cities, leaders and governments. Leaders of financial offices at all levels attach great importance to the recent platform explosion. First, when the amorphous polymer is in the glassy state below the glass transition temperature, they also held several meetings on financial risk prevention and gave clear instructions to ensure the stable and benign development of Zhejiang's financial market

Secretary General Lou introduced in the live broadcast that last week, the provincial and municipal financial offices, the provincial Internet Finance Association, the provincial Internet Finance Federation and the Hangzhou Internet Finance Association, as well as the president and vice president units of the two associations held a special meeting to discuss the current stability of the loan industry in Hangzhou. Secretary General Lou also took the opportunity of xinhehui live broadcast to put forward several suggestions to investors and loan platform enterprises:

first, the loan platform should do a good job in risk prevention, and the main person in charge of the platform must not run away or be involved in thunder

second, the government also needs to treat loan platforms differently. For these originally compliant platforms, if they are overdue due to poor management, they should stabilize the management team and form a aftermath working group to maximize the recovery of the borrowing list and reduce the losses of investors

third, for some individual media that spread incorrect information to mislead the public and cause panic recently, you are welcome to supervise. Once found, we will immediately hand over the materials to the association, and we will report to the regulatory authorities for handling. Warn we media that do not abide by professional ethics and advocate correct public opinion guidance in the industry

fourth, at present, it is difficult for government departments to issue a white list of remediation loans due to the delay of remediation. However, our provincial and municipal associations jointly launched a proposal for the loan industry to strictly govern, develop in compliance, manage and control risks, and actively strengthen guidance. It also advocates that the head platform actively carry out joint live broadcasting and hold investor meeting activities, so that investors can truly identify which platforms in Hangzhou are compliant operations

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