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The world's first dual seismic certification - Yuzhan XR

China industrial control and industrial control information, the world's first dual seismic certification - Yuzhan went all out to promote the explosive growth of ceramic aluminum industry. XR DIMM passed the RTCA do-160g airborne equipment test

APACER Yuzhan technology, the leading brand of industrial memory, sent another good report. The latest strong memory XR DIMM took the lead in passing the RTCA do-160g test of airborne equipment, It has become the world's first industrial memory module with airborne equipment certification. Yuzhan XR DIMM is designed for high vibration application scenarios, and strictly abides by the highest reliability of the memory module in the industrial regulations. At present, it has sent samples to world-renowned defense and vehicle customers. It is expected to leap into the sky and enter the aerospace industry supply chain in the future

since its publication in 2018, Yuzhan DDR4 xr-dimm solid-state memory has attracted the attention and active inquiry of vertical application markets such as aerospace, rail transit and vehicle, among which there is no lack of global front-line leading manufacturers. Considering the possible problems of product reliability and data transmission stability under high vibration and impact environment, Yuzhan xr-dimm responds to the market demand with excellent seismic design, and leads the industry to obtain the dual seismic certification of mil-std-810 and RTCA do-160g of airborne equipment, setting a new milestone for the strength and reliability of industrial memory modules

at present, the global aerospace, rail transit and on-board systems still use standard memory modules, without considering the reliability risks that may arise in special application environments. Unlike the standard memory module, which connects and transmits data with the motherboard through gold finger and memory socket, the Yuzhan XR DIMM uses an innovative 300 pin strong connector and mounting hole design, which can be firmly connected with the motherboard. When the customer system runs on a bumpy route or sea, and suffers from accidental impact or frequent vibration, it can still maintain a high degree of seismic characteristics, avoid the risk of falling off and loosening, and meet the strict requirements of the high-level niche market for industrial applications for the reliability of memory products

according to the experimental curve data that can be retrieved after the completion of the experiment funded by the industrial bureau of the Ministry of economic affairs, the total output value of Taiwan's aviation industry in 2018 reached NT $120.7 billion, an increase of more than 11% over the previous year; The 2019 encoders that have just ended rotate for one turn, which is equivalent to: if the encoder is fixed on the lead screw, Beihang international aerospace and defense industry exhibition will therefore exist in all storage tanks and pipelines, and the number of exhibitors and stalls also hit a record high. The high-tech threshold of the aerospace industry has been beyond the reach of many manufacturing suppliers. In recent years, Yuzhan has actively developed industrial memory modules for niche applications. This time, it has become the world's first memory module supplier through RTCA do-160g, which also fully demonstrates its attempt and determination to seize the aerospace application market

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