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Ai artificial intelligence has developed savagely, and 3D vision technology will reach a higher level in 2020

At the beginning of the 2020 new year, Alibaba Dharma academy released the "2020 top ten technology trends white paper". As a top domestic Internet technology enterprise, it naturally attracted attention from all walks of life. Looking back at the development of science and technology in 2019, Dharma academy successfully predicted the rise of AI chips, the birth of smart cities, 5g spawned new application scenarios and other trends. This year, the new outbreak will focus on the increasing demand for wood pulp to replace some waste paper imports brought by AI, chips, cloud computing, blockchain, industrial interconnection, quantum computing, etc., and there will be disruptive technological breakthroughs. Among them, Ai Ai is undoubtedly the most important computing power demander and technology tractor in the future, ranking first among the top ten technology trends in 2020

Dharma hall believes that AI will evolve from perceptual intelligence to cognitive intelligence in 2020. At present, Ai Ai, which measures the feedback value of sensors, has reached or surpassed the human level in the field of perceptual intelligence such as "listening, speaking and seeing", but it is still in its infancy in the field of cognitive intelligence that requires external knowledge, logical reasoning or field migration. The development of artificial intelligence, based on more big data for in-depth analysis and exploration, will have more intelligent cognitive ability. Through the continuous understanding and application of these knowledge, combined with the reasoning process of human brain, it can solve the complex reading comprehension and knowledge map reasoning problems with few samples

3d sensing technology makes Ai Ai Ai more powerful

the working principle of Ai Ai devices is to obtain external information through various sensing devices (including image, light, temperature, sound), process and learn information in combination with software and hardware algorithms, and finally implement various instructions. The first step is to obtain external information. Taking the core technology of artificial intelligence perception as an example, the development of 3D vision technology enables intelligent devices to quickly and accurately recognize the size, volume, outline and other three-dimensional information of objects. For example, the iPhone 11 series, its face ID captures face information through the front 3D structured light camera, and can achieve a relative accuracy of less than 1mm within the distance required for unlocking payment, After being checked by the background system, it can realize the senseless unlocking or payment, which makes the screen unlocking safer and easier

in terms of modern intelligent logistics system, through 3D camera to quickly identify the volume and type of goods, it can not only provide the work efficiency of front-line couriers, but also strengthen the storage management and use of space, so that the back-end system can judge the most suitable location, and increase the storage efficiency of the warehouse. With the enabling application of 3D visual sensing technology, Ai Ai artificial intelligence system can recognize external information more quickly and accurately, enable intelligent "eyes", and lay a foundation for back-end information learning and analysis

with the increasing computing power of AI chips and the increasing coverage of AI market, the security systems of some residential areas, gymnasiums, large-scale events, payment systems of unmanned stores, intelligent gates of subway stations, smart homes and other industries and fields, through AI to liberate people's hands and effectively improve work efficiency. In these fields, 3D vision technology plays an important role, which can help the system accurately recognize face information and identity information, that is, "recognize" everyone. With this information as the basis, the AI system can be used for more purposes, such as face payment, station security inspection, access control system, etc. Because of this, many 3D sensing enterprises have appeared in the field of 3D visual sensing. Obi Zhongguang, a domestic 3D visual unicorn, is one of the leaders. Its AI 3D sensing solutions are widely used in face recognition, scanning measurement and other scenes

The arrival of the first year of the 5g era means that the transmission bandwidth of wireless networks will be larger, the rate will be greatly improved, the interaction and data sharing between various intelligent devices will be more frequent, and the resolution and resolution of video will also be greatly improved. For AI 3D sensing enterprises, they need to comprehensively improve the imaging quality of cameras, the performance of photosensitive elements and video image coding, enhance the capture accuracy and speed of 3D cameras and other sensing devices, and have faster wireless data transmission capabilities and data backup capabilities, giving terminal devices more powerful artificial intelligence perception capabilities

in 202, it also maintains a higher modulus of elasticity. Under the new trend of artificial intelligence technology in the past 0 years, 3D sensing technology and its application scenarios will give birth to a broader market prospect. Integrating AI and 5g, we think of the development of technologies such as big data. In the future, it will be seamlessly integrated into smart cities and daily life scenes, and it is bound to usher in huge growth points and explosion points

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