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Artificial intelligence (AI) will be used in these 19 popular fields. Don't you study AI

more and more fields have been penetrated and completely changed by artificial intelligence. Learning artificial intelligence will help us better adapt to the future era. Therefore, Ubisoft has been developing artificial intelligence education for teenagers

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01 natural language generation

natural language generation is a branch of, which studies how to convert data into text for customer service, report generation and market overview

02 (speech recognition)

siri is a typical example

at present, there are hundreds of thousands of systems that transcribe human language through voice response interactive systems and mobile applications

03 virtual agents

virtual assistant is a kind of computer agent or program that can interact with human beings, of which the most famous is. Virtual assistants are mostly used for customer service and support, and can act as managers of

04 machine learning platforms

machine learning is a branch of computer science and artificial intelligence technology, which can improve the learning ability of computers

design, train and deploy models to applications, processes and other machines by providing algorithms, APIs (application program interfaces), development and training toolkits, data, and computing power, which are widely favored by enterprises to solve prediction and classification tasks

adext is the first and only audience management tool in the world. It applies artificial intelligence and machine learning to digital advertising in order to accurately deliver advertising to the audience who best meets the product positioning

05 artificial intelligence hardware optimization (-optimized hardware)

it is used to run artificial intelligence oriented calculation tasks after experiments. It is a specially designed and structured GPU (graphics processing unit) and CPU (central processing unit)

the upcoming silicon chip based on artificial intelligence optimization will be directly embedded into your portable devices and everywhere in your life

06 decision management

intelligent machines can introduce rules and logic to the AI system, so you can use them for initialization setting/training, as well as continuous maintenance and optimization

decision management can be realized in many kinds of enterprise applications. It can assist or make automatic decisions to maximize the income of enterprises

07 deep learning platforms

deep learning platform is a special form of machine learning. It contains multiple layers of artificial neural networks, which can simulate the human brain, process data and create decision-making patterns. At present, it is mainly used for pattern recognition and classification based on large data sets

08 biometrics

this technology can recognize, measure and analyze human behavior and the physical structure and morphology of the body

it can give human and machine more natural interaction capabilities, including but not limited to image, touch recognition and body language recognition. At present, it is widely used in the field of market research

09 robot processes automation

machine processing automation uses scripts and other methods to automate human operations to support more efficient business processes

is currently used for tasks and processes with high labor costs or low efficiency

machine processing automation can maximize the display of human talents, and the operation is simple; Having automatic overload protection and making employees more creative and strategic is crucial to the development of the company

10 text analysis and natural language processing

(text analytics and natural language processing)

text analysis and natural language processing use statistical and machine learning methods to understand the structure, meaning, emotion and intention of sentences, which are widely used in fraud detection, information security and other fields, as well as unstructured data mining

11 digital twin/ai modeling

digital twin is a software architecture that builds a bridge between physical systems and the digital world

General Electric (GE) announced that it would establish an artificial intelligence company to monitor aircraft engines, locomotives and gas turbines and predict faults. The company's digital twin has only a few lines of code, and even the most complex version looks like a three-dimensional computer-aided design drawing, full of interactive charts and data points

12 network defense

network defense is a computer network defense mechanism, which focuses on prevention, detection and timely response when infrastructure and information are attacked and threatened

artificial intelligence and machine learning have brought network defense into a new stage of development: in 2017, a total of 2billion intrusion records were detected, of which 76% were accidental and 69% were caused by identity loss

recurrent neural networks (RNN) can process input sequences and combine with machine learning technology to create a supervised learning technology, which can find suspicious targets and detect up to 85% of network attacks

startups such as darktrace and cylance attach great importance to the work in the field of artificial intelligence combined with network defense. Darktrace combines behavior analysis with advanced mathematics to automatically detect abnormal behavior within the organization. Cylance uses artificial intelligence algorithms to prevent malware intrusion and reduce the damage caused by attacks. Another company dedicated to network defense, deep insight, is regarded as the "most destructive start-up company", which aims to protect enterprise endpoints, servers and mobile devices

13 compliance

compliance means that the business activities of a person or company are consistent with recognized management, regulations, rules, standards or contract terms

it is common to apply AI to compliance work. Natural language processing technology can scan text and match its pattern with keywords to identify changes related to the company

capital stress testing technology with predictive analysis function and scenario builder can help companies comply with regulatory capital requirements. In addition, the use of in-depth learning can effectively reduce the number of transactions marked as potential money laundering activities

14 knowledge worker aid

although many people are worried about whether AI will completely replace human work, don't forget that AI technology can help people do their work well to a great extent, especially in the field of knowledge work

the automation of knowledge work has been listed as the second most destructive emerging technology. In the medical and legal fields, which rely heavily on knowledge workers, practitioners will gradually use AI technology as a diagnostic tool

15 content creation

content creation includes any material that people input into the online world, such as videos, advertisements, blogs, white papers, information charts and other visual or written materials

CBS and other teams have used AI technology for content generation; Wibbitz 'SaaS platform can convert text content into video content through AI video products; Wordsmith, developed by auto perspective, uses natural language processing technology to write after obtaining data

16 peer-to-peer networks

p2p network refers to that the participants of the network share part of the hardware resources they own. These shared resources provide services and content through the network, and can be directly accessed by other P2P nodes without passing through intermediate entities

Ben Hartmann, CEO of bet capital LLC, said in an interview with entrepreneur magazine that P2P networks are also used for currency encryption, and can even solve some of the world's most challenging current experimental specifications by collecting and analyzing a large amount of data. In general, the accuracy of parameter testing should not be less than 1/3 of the error allowed by experimental conditions

Prius is a company that aims to make search engines more accessible by using P2P networks and artificial intelligence. It uses cryptocurrency as a reward to allow participants to lend the computing power of their computers. Accordingly, the company promised to establish a more transparent search engine platform

17 emotion recognition

emotion recognition can "read" the expression on human face through advanced image processing or audio data processing. At present, we have been able to capture "micro expressions", recognize body language cues, and analyze voice tones containing emotions

law enforcement officers can obtain more information by using this technology during interrogation, and this technology is also widely used in marketing

18 image recognition

image recognition refers to the process of identifying and detecting objects or features in digital images or videos. Artificial intelligence technology has unique advantages in this field

AI can search photos on social media platforms and compare them with a large number of data sets to find the most relevant content

image recognition technology can be used for license plate recognition, disease detection, customer opinion analysis, identity verification, etc

19 intelligent marketing automation

so far, the marketing department has benefited a lot from AI, and the industry's trust in AI is well founded. 55% of marketers are convinced that AI will have more influence in their field than social media

intelligent marketing can improve the participation and efficiency of the company, segment customers, integrate customer data and management activities, simplify repetitive tasks, and give decision makers more time to focus on strategy formulation

more and more fields have been penetrated and completely changed by artificial intelligence. Learning artificial intelligence will help us better adapt to the future era. Therefore, Ubisoft has been developing artificial intelligence education for teenagers. Ubisoft is dominated by cultivating students' programming thinking. In the specific application scenarios of artificial intelligence, it uses programming, equipment, intelligent electronic equipment to systematically teach programming methods, intelligent equipment application, IOT construction, robot construction and other specific knowledge to measure the displacement of the sample, which can also approximately replace the deformation of the sample; For some metal materials, cultivate students' ability to use intelligent tools to transform the world, actively think and be brave in innovation

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