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Create a good "business environment" to boost the market expectation of China's rubber and plastic machinery industry

on June 13, at the "national video conference on deepening the reform of 'deregulation and service', Premier Li Keqiang stressed that the business environment is productivity! The premier pointed out that although China's state-owned business environment is still relatively backward in horizontal comparison, it has shown significant improvement in vertical comparison

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business environment is accompanied by the whole process of enterprise activities. The quality of a regional business environment directly affects the amount of investment attraction, but also directly affects the operating enterprises in the region, and ultimately has an important impact on economic development, fiscal and tax revenue, social employment, etc. A good business environment is an important manifestation of the economic soft power of a country or region (the five points should be 50kN, 100kN, 150kn, 200kn, 300KN), and it is an important aspect of improving the comprehensive competitiveness of a country or region

from a small perspective, the excellent business environment will also have an important impact on the development of the rubber and plastic machinery industry. If the business environment is productivity, then improving the business environment is to improve the productivity of rubber and plastic machinery enterprises

check whether the joints of the oil system are tightened. According to the Beijing News, Premier Li Keqiang has mentioned "optimizing the business environment" three times in a week, which shows that the government attaches great importance to the business environment. A good business environment will provide strong support for the development of enterprises, and Chinese rubber and plastic machinery enterprises will also use a good business environment to obtain excellent development channels

according to the global business environment report released by the world bank, the convenience of doing business in China has jumped 18 places in the world in recent three years, among which the convenience of starting a business has increased significantly by 31 places. Our state-run commercial note: Although the environmental convenience of non-ferrous metal castings has been greatly improved, the sub indicators of the business environment of Chinese enterprises are still lagging behind

this lag is manifested in: there are serious problems of enterprise transaction opacity and enterprise agency in investor protection; In terms of obtaining enterprise loans, there is a lack of exchange of information about enterprise loans, and there are difficulties in enterprise loans; In terms of tax system, there are many problems such as dealing with tax procedures, spending more time, and high tax level; In the aspect of enterprise start-up, there are problems of complicated start-up procedures and high costs; In terms of applying for a license, there are the same problems as starting an enterprise, such as complicated procedures, long time-consuming and high cost; In terms of contract execution, there are some problems, such as less steps of commercial contract execution, insufficient legal protection of contract execution, and too long contract execution time

these problems are the adverse reactions brought to enterprises by the poor business environment, which are common problems in the development of enterprises and also difficult problems existing in Chinese rubber and plastic machinery enterprises. With the improvement of the business environment, Chinese rubber and plastic machinery enterprises will also have a green light in terms of investment, loan, tax system, enterprise establishment, license application, contract execution and so on. This time, the environmental problems of state-owned enterprises in China have been paid attention to, which will bring good news to rubber and plastic machinery enterprises

however, the issue of appeal has been relatively improved in recent years. For example, when the prime minister proposed the "race awareness", he pointed out that at present, many countries are simplifying the procedures for establishing enterprises and preparing to introduce tax reduction measures. The premier said, "we must create a more attractive international, legal and convenient business environment, reduce institutional costs, and cultivate and enhance China's new advantages in international competition."

facts have proved that many business leaders welcome the tax reduction and fee reduction policy, but also hope to further reduce institutional transaction costs. Relevant rubber and plastic machinery enterprises said that the business environment has improved and the environment has been created. China's rubber and plastic machinery industry can not only recruit "money", but also attract "talent". It is understood that in terms of "creating the environment", the Shanghai free trade zone is a good example: the free trade zone has attracted more than 40000 enterprises to register in just three years, which is the sum of more than 20 years before it was listed. This shows that Shanghai has opened a very suitable business environment model

geographically, the listing of the Shanghai free trade zone has created a good environment, and the "efficiency first mode" of Shenzhen and the "convenience first mode" of Tianjin have set a good example. From the perspective of industry, Chinese rubber and plastic machinery enterprises should also be in line with their own development environment mode in order to better walk out of a characteristic road

liyongcai, President of Chongqing xinshida packaging equipment Co., Ltd., said that with the focus of "optimizing the business environment", China's rubber and plastic machinery industry will be easier to attract foreign investment. The overall market has good expectations, and market confidence can be better boosted. The premise for China's rubber and plastic machinery industry to achieve good expectations must be the further deepening of the reform of "deregulation and service", the great and real efforts must be made, and the business environment in China must be continuously optimized

put forward a point of view on the business environment - to boost the Northeast market economy, we should really establish a sense of service and do more things to help enterprises overcome difficulties and provide timely help. Similarly, in order to boost the confidence of Chinese rubber and plastic machinery enterprises and enhance market expectations, the government also needs to truly establish a good sense of service, do more for Chinese rubber and plastic machinery enterprises to solve problems and help them in time, work from both inside and outside the industry, strengthen efforts, identify the crux, prescribe medicine for the disease, practice the skills of "grasping projects" and "creating the environment", and effectively create a fair business environment for Chinese rubber and plastic machinery enterprises

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