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Create a good market environment for the paper equipment industry to make an appointment for the future

paper industry equipment is one of the pillars for the paper industry to maintain high-speed development. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, with the transformation of the economic growth mode of the paper industry to the quality type, mainly the buffer failure benefit type, the paper industry equipment must establish the corresponding development ideas, and develop in coordination and synchronization with the paper industry

in view of the current situation of domestic pulp and paper equipment and the gap with the international advanced level, in order to further give play to the existing manufacturing advantages and certain technological advantages, we need to optimize the product structure in combination with the diversification of raw materials and market demand in China. With practical and efficient national production pulping and papermaking equipment and high-quality services, as well as professional division of labor and cooperation among industries, it can meet the market demand of various raw material pulping production lines with an annual output of 100000 to 300000 tons and various paper machines with a vehicle speed of 1000m/min and a width of 8m

take advantage of the space of domestic high demand market to strengthen technical cooperation and exchanges with international advanced pulp and paper machinery companies, especially cooperative production. Give full play to the regional advantages, cost advantages, comparative advantages of technology and talents of China's paper industry equipment. In the modern pulping production line with a capacity of more than 300000 tons/year and the advanced paper machine production line with a speed of more than 1000m/min and a width of more than 8m, start from the supporting production of general-purpose parts, gradually expand the proportion of domestic equipment, and obtain the experience and technology of manufacturing and processing. Narrow the gap with the international advanced level in manufacturing and processing

introduce foreign senior professionals and select domestic excellent professionals to study and work in foreign schools and scientific research institutions; Through the international talent exchange and academic exchange between the pulp and paper machinery industry, the technical cooperation between industry, University and research between domestic industries or cross industries, and the investment of certain funds in the research and development of high-tech to fill the gap of domestic pulp and paper high-tech. Narrow the gap with the international advanced level in technology

China's paper machinery industry should give priority to the development of pulping equipment. Pulping technology and equipment are important issues related to energy conservation, production consumption reduction and pollution reduction in pulp and paper production. The technical content of pulping equipment is relatively low, and there are many single equipment. For the equipment that is close to the international advanced level in the pulping process of screening, purification, concentration, black liquor extraction, beating, etc., the enterprises concerned should mainly expand the specifications, improve the production capacity and manufacturing accuracy, and solve the problems of special materials

the technical equipment that China's paper machinery industry has the conditions to obtain independent intellectual property rights include straw pulp continuous cooking equipment and high-yield pulping equipment suitable for various non wood fibers

in terms of pulping technology, the key technical equipment to be developed include medium and high concentration bleaching equipment, straw pulp alkali recovery equipment, high yield pulping equipment, APMP, gtmp high concentration disc mill, RDH replacement cooking. The equipment that needs to improve the production capacity and quality of single machine includes drum vacuum washer, double roll extruder, DD washer, pressure screen, multi disc filter. According to GGII, white liquor filter, large disc pulper, drum pulper, disc thermal disperser and medium consistency slag remover

China should develop papermaking machinery and equipment at the same time. Papermaking machinery and equipment are the most important equipment for papermaking enterprises to meet market demand and achieve benefits. Advanced papermaking machinery should have high labor productivity, stable product quality and controllable cost consumption. The gap between papermaking machinery and equipment and the international advanced level is still large. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the key development products of papermaking machinery and equipment are mainly designed and manufactured for the key equipment that affects the main quality and performance of paper and relates to the operating efficiency of the whole machine and energy conservation and consumption reduction

China has developed practical technologies to solve the key equipment with a speed of 850m/min and a width of 6m in paper machines with a gap in production and industrialization across the country, such as sizing system equipment, hydraulic headbox, high consistency headbox (pulp board machine), upper shaper, double forming (pulp board), compound press with controllable medium and high rollers, shoe press, cordless paper guiding equipment, air cushion drying (pulp board machine), in machine coating, soft calendering, super calender, high-speed rewinder, Synchronous paper cutter, etc

China should follow up the foreign advanced design and manufacturing level, and develop key technologies and equipment with more than 1000m/min, which are far from the international advanced level, such as flow conveying system, diluted headbox, double or multi-layer headbox, pinch former (paper and tissue paper), shoe press, in machine coating, in machine super calendering, etc

encourage financing. The development of pulp and paper machinery cannot rely on state investment and loans for a long time. Financing should be encouraged to absorb foreign funds and civil society funds to solve the institutional and financial problems in development

implement talent strategy. Enterprises in the industry should increase their investment in human resources and boldly introduce high-level technical and management talents from abroad. Strengthen international cooperation among industries and send excellent talents to study abroad. Enterprises themselves should also pay attention to cultivating talents and form a group of professional and technical talents with solid professional knowledge and practical experience

strive to create a standardized market environment. We should gradually guide the market by means of technical standards and industrial regulations to avoid unprincipled price competition. Enterprises should use competitive elements such as integrity, core products, quality, service and delivery time to win the market, increase benefits and ensure their own development

play the role of pulp and paper equipment industry association. With the in-depth development of the market economy, the transformation of the government's macro-control function, the role of industry associations in international exchanges and cooperation, information communication with the government, and coordination among enterprises is essential. Through the cooperation between the pulp and paper equipment industry association and the paper Association, we will promote the interaction between the two industries of supply and demand

integrate the industrial chain. The pulp and paper machinery industry has formed a system of education, scientific research, manufacturing and design. The composition and working principle of the servo control system of cross industry metallurgy, shipbuilding, heavy machinery, chemical industry and anchor chain tension testing machine have also entered the paper industry in the fields of electronics, instrumentation, computer and automatic control. These advantages are very important to meet the high demand market of the paper industry and compete with foreign companies, Through a certain form of combination, the development of its strategic alliance will be very conducive to the rapid improvement of the overall level of the pulp and paper industry

establish demonstration projects to promote the localization process. Among the appropriate investment projects, we hope that under the guidance of relevant national policies, through market behavior, we can integrate a practical, advanced pulp and paper production line that fully presses the "start" button to start electromechanical localization technology and equipment, and make an entity with a certain scale, which will greatly promote the process of localization, win the domestic market and expand the international market

national fiscal policy support. For the products listed in the encouraged category and the key products of industry development, the government should give preferential tax policies after the enterprises enter the market and get appropriate verification, such as enjoying tax exemption and tax rebate policies, and improving the enthusiasm of enterprises to develop new products and scientific research

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