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Clariant predicts that autumn/winter fashion will focus on contrast

on July 27, 2011, Shanghai, China - the focus of autumn/winter fashion will highlight bright contrast and deep-seated contrast of colors, such as warm and cold colors, bright and dark, black and white, romantic and decadent. This comparison also provides power and inspiration for our prediction of new colors and trends in footwear and leather. Compromise is no longer what we think is fashionable. We are more sensitive to eternal and sustainable fashion. In order to help customers develop new series of products, Clariant cooperated with modeurop, a fashion Library under DSI (DAS schuhinstitut GmbH) to launch the latest global color card and "fashion up" leather trend manual for autumn and winter

four popular trends of leather theme

exaggerated high-heeled shoe styles, classic lines to Galaxy style, futuristic metallic luster luxury antique leather accessories constitute the popular trends of decadent style, romantic style, classic style and Galaxy style this season. Reject the golden mean - the distinctive fashion declaration will push the strong fashion trend of this season to a new height. This season's decorative finishing includes retro style and soft shiny leather with high gloss

new decadent style

decadent style returns magnificently this season. 5. Automatic optimization of graphic curve scale auto scale fashion once again favored alternative rock in the 1990s. Short jackets, snowy coats, suspender skirts with flower patterns, broken jeans mixed with brimless hats, warm arm covers and stepped broken socks reflect the fashion concept of this season. The rugged buckle boots and exaggerated high heels have made the best annotation for the footwear of this season. Decadent and antique finishing and new high gloss leather, such as shaving or soft lacquer leather, can be used to interpret this tone. From cheap thrift stores to luxury designer studios, this rebellious young outfit will be spread across all levels of the market. (photo: Colleen)

story book

inspired by the romantic novels of Victorian novelists. The amorous hero and charming heroine came into reality from the novel, which inspired people in the clothing industry to create Gothic nostalgic style. Soft and elegant lines, knee length dresses, elegant high heels and vintage boots embellished with lace, gems and pearls are the characteristics of this series. Antique leather and decorative textures from gorgeous stories are in sharp contrast to the trend of simplicity. Chemical Sales South China branch has opened up the auto raw material supporting market, which also marks the return of fashion to paying attention to decorations and details after keeping a low profile. (photo: Clariant)

super classic

classic style chooses a brand-new simple style that is enduring, pure and gives up details. The style of returning to nature is matched with luxurious decoration, and the clothing is full of Mondrian characteristics through the segmentation of color contrast and edging. The proportion of the clothes is re divided: the skirt is cut to knee height, and the shoes tend to be brand-new medium high heels. In order to avoid simple tailoring appearing too flat, textured materials are introduced. Fine grain, traditional embossing and classic reptile leather make this simple interpretation unique. (photo: Colleen)

galactic wind

there is no need to wait for Richard Branson's first commercial manned spacecraft to launch, and the Galactic wind has become common. Innovative technology and simple lines are closely combined to show this space fashion style. The close fitting cut and the shape of the liner bring a strong visual impact. Accessories include padded space boots with dramatic colors, high heels and fantasy handbags. (photo: Clariant)

leather color

after a period of chaos, now we are looking for a new direction for the paper industry in 2019 or continuing the industry downturn. We will look at things from a new perspective and are no longer willing to accept compromise. The autumn/winter leather color of modeurop launched by Klein Germany at the recent color exhibition just shows our attitude and determination. These colors include optimistic upward and eternal warm red main colors, neutral winter colors and polar cold colors

warm colors

yellow, orange and red subtly reflect the power of the sun and flickering flames. At the same time, it also creates an emotional and passionate theme of human warmth, family and love for tradition. (photo: Klein)

benchmark tone

classic color system - neutral tone has become the new favorite of autumn and winter series. This trend shows that fashion returns to nature. Gray, brown, white, camel and natural black in winter just reflect our enduring value. (photo: Klein)

cold tone

as the opposite of "warm color system", the inspiration of natural color system originates from the distant, future and technology. The ingenious combination of emerging high technology and inexhaustible natural forces has led us to develop the mysterious colors of futurism, such as cool blue, gray, green and black. (photo: Clariant)

the colors displayed in Clariant's global color card are produced by using the water field formula of the excellent melioderm dye series. The coating formula is based on Clariant's innovative neosan2000 and PPE pigment series

melioderm is a registered trademark of Clariant

Clariant - chemistry that meets your needs

Clariant is a leading specialty chemical company in the world. The company has a complete business structure and is committed to providing customers with high-quality services and a wide range of application solutions, thus becoming the preferred business partner for customers. Clariant is composed of more than 100 group companies around the world, with about 16200 employees as of December 2010. The company is headquartered in muttenz near Basel, Switzerland, with sales of more than 7.1 billion Swiss francs in 2010. The product structure of the company is divided into the following 10 business units: additives business unit, washing and intermediates business unit, lotion business unit, special industrial and consumer goods business unit, leather service business unit, color masterbatch business unit, oil and mining service business unit, special paper business unit, pigment business unit, textile chemicals business unit. Clariant has always been committed to achieving sustainable growth through its own innovation. Clariant's first-class products and services play an important role in customer processing and other value-added processes. Clariant's success is due to the excellent professional skills of its employees and their ability to judge the new needs of customers at the initial stage and develop innovative and efficient solutions

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