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Craftsmen in the series of reports on high-quality development: Shandong Lingong people-oriented cultivation of "great country craftsmen"

craftsmen in the series of reports on high-quality development: Shandong Lingong people-oriented cultivation of "great country craftsmen"

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into the temporary workshop, yellow transport cars of various specifications shuttle orderly on the production line. At this time, the staff stands in front and the car brakes automatically; After the staff leave, the car continues to move forward without any operation... "This is our independently developed magnetic navigation off-road heavy-duty AGV (automatic guided transport vehicle)." In the workshop of Shandong Lingong construction machinery company (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Lingong), Qiu Feng, a maintenance electrician, introduced to you, "although they are small, their maximum load can reach 10 tons, filling the gap of AGV in the construction machinery industry, and they have obtained the national utility model patent."

now, Shandong Lingong has used more than 160 AGVs, which can save more than 10 million yuan per year. In 2016, temporary AGV began to be sold externally; The sales volume in 2019 has exceeded 40million yuan

when talking about this project, we should start with an outsourced old AGV. In 2013, Shandong Lingong spent more than 200000 yuan to buy an AGV, but there were many problems when using it: incomplete function, insufficient load, and delayed after-sales... Therefore, Qiu Feng decided to take his apprentice xuwenhao to independently develop an AGV that was really suitable for Lingong

Qiu Feng explained AGV knowledge to young employees

5 gold tool torque detection equipment is used for the change strength test of all kinds of wrenches, and it can also carry out the torsion strength test of all kinds of parts and wrenches The torsional test of parts and components can also be carried out by adding corresponding accessories

A maintenance electrician with only a high school degree wants to develop AGV? In other companies, leaders may think he is crazy. But in Shandong Lingong, this seemingly Arabian idea got different treatment: purchasing materials, purchasing equipment, allocating personnel, and a complete R & D team was quickly set up

"every employee is a talent of the company!" Songxiaoying, head of Shandong Lingong human capital development headquarters, said, "we adhere to the people-oriented concept, regard human resources as the first resource of the enterprise, and establish a career development and training system based on 'five levels and five channels', providing development space and promotion channels for every employee."

with the support of the company, Qiu Feng's team lived up to expectations. Since the project was approved in 2013, after four iterations and more than 400 improvements, they finally developed the magnetic navigation off-road heavy-duty AGV, which won the national machinery industry excellent quality innovation achievement award and the first prize of Shandong Province staff excellent technical innovation achievement award. Qiu Feng, from an ordinary maintenance electrician to a national model worker, a national technical expert, a national may day labor medal winner, and the leader of the national skill master studio, has grown into a "great craftsman" here

reliable temporary worker Qiu Feng

in Shandong temporary work, there are many senior talents like Qiu Feng who deeply cultivate technology. According to statistics, the company's key talents account for 24%, senior workers and above talents account for 34%, and engineers and above talents account for 52%

relying on the deep talent reserve, Shandong Lingong has established a national skill master studio, 3 chief technician workstations, 12 technician workstations, and the power supply is the horizontal spring tension testing machine, which mainly changes 98 technician work points for various springs. These studios and workstations are not only incubators for the company's technological transformation and innovation, but also cradles for cultivating talents

"the construction of talent team is inseparable from 'passing, helping and leading'." Song Xiaoying said that when the company evaluates the rank of employees, it not only depends on the technical level of employees and the innovation of China's plastic machinery enterprises, which have increased their ability to open up new markets for extruders in recent years, but also on their ability to lead apprentices. "The better the results of leading disciples, the faster the promotion of master, and put an end to the situation of 'teaching disciples, starving master'." The company requires that all technicians who set up studios and workstations must bring this part of the components. The main function is to complete the transformation from non electrical quantity to electrical quantity. At the same time, they also assess the results of apprenticeship

maintenance electrician Qin Lishan entered the factory in 2004 and followed Qiu Feng until he was transferred to the excavator division in 2009. "My master is famous for his ability and temper. No matter what technical problems he encounters, he tries every means to study them thoroughly, and then teaches them to us hand in hand. Up to now, when I encounter problems that cannot be solved, I have to run to him. I can't refuse!"

speaking of his beloved apprentice Qin Lishan, Qiu Feng joked, "maybe because his surname is Qin, this child is very diligent. This is also the reason for his later success." With the teacher's words and deeds, coupled with his hard work, Qin Lishan quickly stood out, and was successively awarded the honorary titles of Shandong national defense machinery and electronic system technology innovation expert, Shandong machinery industry chief technician, Qilu chief technician and so on. Today, he has also become a master, and many apprentices from the "Qin Lishan chief technician workstation" have become technical backbones

"the company has formulated personalized training plans and career plans for each of our employees. I studied in the training base as soon as I entered the factory, and then in the technician studio, laying a good foundation. Later, by participating in various competitions at the factory level, development zone level, municipal level and provincial level, I promoted learning through competition, and the technical level slowly came up." Electric welder Wang Liangliang said that after only six years in the factory, he has overcome a number of technical problems, developed "step-by-step welding method" and other achievements, and was selected as the chief technician of Shandong Province in 2015

from the construction of the "five levels and five channels" career development platform, that is, the positions are divided into five categories: management positions, management majors, technology, marketing and skills. Each category is divided into five levels: ordinary personnel, junior, intermediate, senior and expert. To the accurate and perfect vocational training system, Shandong Lingong has truly achieved "paying attention to every employee", so that the career planning and future development of every employee are clearly visible, It has created a development atmosphere of "there are opportunities to do things, platforms to do things, rewards to do things, and development to do good things". At present, the "five levels and five channels" career development platform for temporary workers has become the benchmark of human resources in the same industry

as one of the three world-class quality awards with great influence, the main evaluation point of the European quality award is "excellent sustainability". In the selection of the European Quality Award, Shandong Lingong's "people-oriented" concept, practice and effectiveness were highly praised by the selection experts. This has also become one of the key factors to win awards for temporary work. "Talent is the first productive force", Lingong really put this sentence into practice, and engraved its name in the hall of honor of the world's excellent enterprises, becoming the benchmark of latecomers

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