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The wind direction of robots: while technological evolution, while commercial landing

robot technology is developing at a high speed, but it is still a long way from entering thousands of households. Fortunately, Chinese enterprises have been ahead of the world

CES on the last day is still crowded. As the world's largest consumer electronics exhibition, CES this year's exhibition 1. Reduce speed and improve output torque. The product themes cover smart home life, 5g communication and IOT, automatic driving and automotive technology, health care, wearables, AI and robots, and blockchain. After watching CES, my biggest feeling is that I am separated and lack of skills, because there are so many things worth seeing. People used to say that CES is the most forward-looking scientific and technological weathervane in the world, and I should have more consensus on this statement after watching it on site

ces is a window from technology to life and a crystal ball to see the future of technology. If mature consumer electronics such as TV is the beginning of the combination of technology and life, then robots are the ultimate form of technology changing life - even further than AI, because AI is only evolving at the mental and intellectual levels, and robots will continue to catch up with and even surpass humans in physical capabilities, such as action ability

compared with the rapid industrialization process of AI in recent years, the robot industry seems to have a sense of thunder and rain. Although robots have been applied on a large scale in the industrial field, robots seem to be a little far away from ordinary consumers. Hall 2 of CES South Hall is the theme Hall of AI and robots. After walking around, I found that there are not many robot booths in the real sense


the commercialization of robots has a long way to go

ces 2020 AI and robot pavilions are mostly "aerial robots", that is, unmanned aerial vehicles, and there are no impressive products. I was deeply impressed by the underwater robot of sublue from Tianjin. This company launched an underwater booster for diving users. Using the booster, users can dive in the water at the speed of Phelps, and imaging equipment can be installed on the booster. The company also launched underwater products such as power skateboards and underwater scooters to better integrate people with the water... When many players gathered in the UAV market, sublue focused on the seemingly niche underwater scene, making an underwater "UAV" and fighting a bloody battle

then there are floor sweeping robots. There are a lot of booths for floor sweeping and window cleaning robots, many of which are from Shenzhen. ILife from China was originally a OEM, and later developed its own brand. Besides the traditional floor sweeping robots, it developed a two in one robot for sweeping and dragging and a floor washing robot. With these three product lines, it has conquered cities and occupied the first place in the Russian market and the fourth place in the North American market, When domestic sweeping robots competed to become a red sea, the company targeted overseas and successfully occupied a place

then there are mechanical arms and industrial robots. Some can make coffee, some can deliver meals, some can be used in the production line, and some can play table tennis with people. The booth of Doosan, a Korean super consortium, is very eye-catching. When the group first participated in CES, it exhibited a lot of automatic mechanical equipment, excavators, transfer machines, unmanned aerial vehicles... For construction, mining and other operations. "Concept-x" can use the 3D scanning of unmanned aerial vehicles to measure the terrain of the operation site, and then use unmanned excavators and wheel loaders to operate. Doosan demonstrated the remote operation support project through smart +ar

there are very few consumer robots in the whole exhibition hall, and youbixuan technology from Shenzhen, China is the only company that has exhibited humanoid robots. As a Chinese robot star company, the technology booth on CES is very popular, especially when its large humanoid Service Robot Walker is displayed, the booth is crowded with people. Last year, CES Walker became the focus of the audience. It can open the refrigerator, hand over an umbrella, close the door and dance. As the first large-scale humanoid service robot that can be commercialized in China, Walker, Atlas of Boston Dynamics and ASIMO of Honda were jointly selected as the "top five humanoid robots in the world"

this year, Walker has more powerful functions, which can realize humanoid gait walking, fast and stable climbing stairs, and has stronger movement ability, stability ability and coordination ability, so it can complete more tasks. In the exhibition, walker can carry the basket to the host, push the dining car, interact with yoga, open the coke bottle, pour the coke and then give it to the host, and write and draw. The on-site effect is great, reflecting strong sports performance, flexible interaction and environmental perception

there are few exhibition areas for humanoid robot companies, which seems to indicate that robots are still a long way from consumer electronics, and the commercialization of robots has a long way to go


Chinese robot companies are more grounded

robot stars such as Boston Dynamics Atlas, honda asimo and Softbank pepper did not appear at all on CES. Ubisoft technology has become one of the few companies to promote the commercialization of humanoid robots. From the content of the booth, Ubisoft technology not only exhibited large humanoid service robots, but also made in-depth layout on educational robots, intelligent inspection robots, commercial service robots and solutions to promote the commercialization of robots

in addition to the cool Walker robot, Ubisoft technology exhibited a number of robot products on CES: the indoor intelligent inspection robot aimbot (Intelligent Patrol), which debuted overseas, realizes the functions of detecting and monitoring the indoor environment, automatic asset inventory, remote diagnosis, visitor management & machine follow-up, hierarchical alarm, automatic energy consumption management, etc. based on multiple sensors

according to the introduction of on-site personnel, aimbot (Intelligent Patrol) can customize functions according to customer needs. In the scene of intelligent inspection in the computer room of the data center, it can scan and identify the cabinet indicator light, pointer instrument, digital instrument and RFID barcode, realize the functions of equipment detection, asset inventory, problem alarm, etc., and also generate 3D thermal map for the monitoring data of ambient temperature and humidity in the computer room, cooperate with the central control system of the air conditioner, intelligently and dynamically adjust the temperature and wind of the air conditioner, so as to save energy and reduce consumption. Based on face recognition technology, aimbot (Intelligent Patrol) can prohibit irrelevant personnel from entering specific areas. When abnormalities are detected, it will give an alarm in time to eliminate hidden dangers such as equipment downtime, fire and physical intrusion

the intelligent cloud platform commercial service robot cruzr (Cruzer), the intelligent programming education robot Jim robot series robots and other products that have achieved large-scale commercial use have all appeared

as the core product line of youbiselect technology education robot, the Jim robot series has been launched on a worldwide scale. The Jim Pro Series made its debut. As a steam education product, Jim Pro Series provides PBL (project based learning for short) project-based learning, so that 5+ year-old children can master the relevant knowledge of Mars exploration while understanding the working principle of robots. Jim Pro can assemble astronaut model, Rover model and space base model through large particle parts, which is less difficult to build and easier to use. The new product is equipped with AI camera, which supports face recognition and gesture recognition, and the voice control module can carry out speech recognition. A variety of AI functions mean more development space. Support the switch between scratch graphical programming and python programming, and it is easier for novice programmers to transition to advanced programmers

both the Jimu robot series and cruzr (Cruzer), although they don't look as cool as walker, have achieved large-scale commercial use, which reflects the grounded side of Chinese robot companies

on CES, dimension company from China launched ro intelligent manipulator to help stroke patients better recover their arms with the help of physiotherapists. There are few devices that pay attention to patient groups. The RO intelligent manipulator was selected into the "best of CES 2020" list of times, tied with many major brands. Dimension also has a scene in which the inspection robot is applied to the inspection of the Treasury of the people's Bank of China

both youbishi technology and dimension reflect the "grounding" side of Chinese robot companies. Boston power robot swipes the screen every video, and nothing will change after users sigh "cool". The products of Chinese robot companies may be a little less cool, but they are actually applied, including industrial and consumer applications

the development of the entire technology industry reflects such a trend: Chinese technology companies are more grounded, and foreign technology companies pursue cool. For example, Amazon has built an Amazon go unmanned supermarket to swipe the screen, but it is actually unrealistic to land. There are also unmanned supermarket players in China. Once I failed to pay for something and found a man hidden in a small room behind me. I chased him out and asked for money. Compared with the unmanned supermarket, it is Alibaba that promotes new retail to make our shopping more convenient, especially the popularity of HEMA, face brushing payment and QR code payment, which greatly improves the shopping experience. For another example, when foreign companies play chess with AI, Chinese technology companies have applied AI in all aspects, such as face recognition, information flow, intelligent translation, etc. AI industrialization in China has been in the forefront of the world

in terms of robots, as the representative of Chinese artificial intelligence and humanoid robot enterprises, Ubisoft technology is at the forefront of China and the world in terms of commercialization. Its robots and solutions have been applied to many scenes, such as education, public safety, intelligent health care, Party construction and government affairs, commercial services, intelligent retail, computer room operation and maintenance, especially AI education solutions, which have been getting better in recent years, It has been successfully put into practice in more than 40 countries around the world, forming a large-scale income. The best choice technology is not just the landing of hardware products, but has formed its own AI robot commercialization methodology:

1. Building an ecosystem

education involves curriculum system, teacher training, content operation and service, event organization, etc., and the chain is very long. In response to this, youbiselection technology adopts the mode of building an AI education ecosystem to land. Youbixuan technology not only launched a variety of products of the Jim robot series for the C-end, but also jointly developed a complete artificial intelligence education solution covering primary school, junior high school, senior high school and University, which covers all school segments, end-to-end linkage inside and outside the school. An AI robot education ecosystem has initially taken shape

2. Find key people

educational robot landing if one school expands one school, the cost is high, the effect is poor, and the progress is slow. The strategy of selecting the best technology is to find key people for strategic cooperation

in China, the state has the top-level design to support AI, robotics and steam education, as well as the institutional advantage of concentrating on major events. Therefore, the cooperation between Ubisoft technology and multiple official institutions will achieve twice the result with half the effort. Up to now, Ubisoft technology has built smart campuses or AI education demonstration bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Chongqing, Guizhou, Kunming, Chengdu, Suzhou and other places, so that AI education can enter the classroom; At the same time, it also cooperates with the China children's development service center, the China Youth Palace Association, the central audiovisual education museum under the Ministry of education and other strategic cooperation to promote the implementation of AI robot education

in overseas markets, Ubisoft technology has followed this model and has been in cooperation with Russia

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