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It's mid May, and the hot summer is coming. The temperature is relatively high these days. I feel that a little activity will make me sweat. It's even harder to imagine what summer will be like. Maybe I'll sit in the air-conditioned room all day! Staying in the air-conditioned room all day is easy to get air-conditioning sickness. At this time, it is very important to install the overall background wallboard at home. Why? Because the overall background wallboard also has a powerful function of heat preservation and insulation. The installation of solid wood wallboard can make you successfully get rid of air conditioning and no longer be afraid of air conditioning disease. Today, Xiaobian will tell you about the function of heat insulation

the overall background wallboard is a new environmental friendly, energy-saving and pollution-free home decoration material. The energy conservation here also involves the thermal insulation function of the wallboard. The temperature difference between a house with an integral background wall panel and a house with ordinary wall materials is several degrees, so even if you don't turn on the air conditioner, you won't feel very hot. It's enough to turn on an electric fan. This not only saves electricity bills for their own homes, but also reduces the burden on the country, corresponding to the national call for energy conservation. Therefore, there is no reason why the overall background wallboard is loved by consumers. In addition, the overall background wallboard also has the functions of breathing humidity regulation, isolating ultraviolet rays, preventing radiation, reducing noise, promoting sleep quality, wear resistance and impact resistance. With the continuous upgrading of solid wood wallboard materials and technology, the advantages of wallboard are also increasing. Today, the dado has entered every home that yearns for a better home

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