Imported abcitalia carpet is soft and delicate Ita

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Imported ABC Italia carpets come from Italy. He adheres to the traditional Italian weaving technology, selects local high-quality cotton, linen and wool materials, and makes each product full of mysterious and luxurious texture through the hands of exquisite craftsmen

ambition, creativity and culture are the essence of art and craft works and also the innovative essence of imported ABC Italia carpets. Mr. Sultan Amini founded ABC company, and with enthusiasm for rejuvenating the traditional carpet textile industry in Italy, he produced amazing and luxurious imported blanket products

in order to make our products durable, we not only have strict requirements on the selection of raw materials, but also strive for perfection in the weaving methods and patterns of products. Therefore, no matter how time comes and goes, our carpets are there to accompany you and your family

nowadays, the research on imported ABC Italia carpets is still advancing. He is good at discovering extraordinary fabric combinations, or using an innovative manufacturing technology or a new fabric to mix different fabrics and colors, so that each product is unique and full of unique details

source: ABC Italia carpet of Italian house





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