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Bedroom is very important to us. One third of one's life is spent here. For such an important place, the decoration style is particularly important. Below, Sanshan flooring editor recommends several flooring collocations with different styles of decoration

Mediterranean style wooden floor bedroom

there is a bedroom style, with the freshness of blue sky and white clouds and the smell of sunshine and sand beach, just like the boundless blue sea and the flocks of soaring seagulls, which has attracted countless people. That is Mediterranean style! Mediterranean style decoration is like the romantic Mediterranean region, which is a place that releases the flavor of freedom, romance and purity. The Mediterranean style is matched with teak 2 of Sanshan floor masterpiece 1 series. The matching of blue theme and light color floor and soft lines inevitably remind people of the romantic feelings of Mediterranean style. Coupled with the fresh and elegant design, it is close to the colors of nature, making the bedroom warm and comfortable

Southeast Asian style floor bedroom

Southeast Asian style, in addition to giving people the unique enthusiasm and nature of Southeast Asia, it also has a sense of elegance and steadiness, which can not only meet the needs of elders, but also meet the personality of young people. Therefore, Southeast Asian style is favored by more and more people. The palace ancient cypress of Sanshan flooring masterpiece 1 series, together with the cloth art and characteristic accessories with alternating dark and light tones, can not only create a modern sense, but also create a tropical living space

European style floor bedroom

what will you think of first when you mention European style? European style is the symbol of taste and the dream style of many people when decorating. Sleeping in such a bedroom, will it feel like going back to old Europe through time and space? Sanshan floor Yipin 3 Series Cuban black pomelo combines modern and traditional elements to create things with traditional charm based on the aesthetic needs of modern people, so that the expression of traditional art is incisive and incisive, making you feel like you are in Europe





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