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Channel is the foundation of profit for the ceramic tile industry. For a ceramic enterprise boss, you can rob his money and poach his employees, but you can't touch his channels. Channel is the motor for ceramic enterprises to run for a long time and the light of life for ceramic enterprises

now, there is another channel for ceramic enterprises to cooperate &mdash& mdash; Fully decorated

fully decorated housing refers to the following definition in the guidelines for the implementation of commercial housing decoration in place at one time issued by the Ministry of Construction: “ Decoration in place at one time means that before the delivery of the house, all the fixed surfaces of all functional spaces are paved or painted, and all the basic equipment of the kitchen and bathroom are installed, which is referred to as fully decorated house for short& rdquo;

as early as 2008, the Ministry of housing and urban rural development issued the notice on Further Strengthening the management of residential decoration, requiring all regions to formulate and issue relevant supporting policies, guide and encourage the new commercial residential buildings to be decorated in place at one time or adopt the menu decoration mode, and implement it step by step, so as to gradually achieve the goal of eliminating blank houses and directly providing consumers with fully decorated finished houses

driven by the policy, the full decoration planning has spread on the territory of China. Among them, Beijing, Zhengzhou, Zhejiang, Shandong, Hainan and Henan have achieved 100% full decoration, Sichuan has achieved 50%, Jiangsu has achieved 60%, Shanghai has achieved 100% within the outer ring road and 50% outside the outer ring road

the development of China's real estate industry has been relatively mature. Like the United States, Japan and other developed countries, the beginning of real estate maturity, one of which is the end of the era of rough housing

with the gradual reduction of rough houses, the pattern of the ceramic tile industry will also be rewritten, and the original share of the retail end will be replaced by engineering, which is a good thing for the ceramic tile industry, because in these projects, ceramic tiles have their own advantages

the diversification of ceramic tiles will become the advantage of full decoration

at present, the main group of home decoration in the market is the middle class. Twenty years ago, the three major items in the family were: TV, refrigerator and washing machine. Now the standard configuration of the new middle class is: kitchen in Germany, toilet in Japan, bed in the United States. This is a story about consumption upgrading, which is also a microcosm of mass consumption in recent years. The underlying phenomenon is that consumers are more willing to invest in home decoration and tend to have high-quality and personalized products

domestic ceramic tiles are not only outstanding in production capacity, but also in line with international results in technology and color, and have begun to be exported to other developing countries. China's ceramic tile products can fully meet the current consumer needs for individuality, customization and diversity

these features are also needed for full decoration, which can be seen from the policies of various regions

Zhejiang Province: the guiding opinions on accelerating the full decoration of housing put forward the implementation of menu decoration. We should encourage customized hardcover, and require the combination of menu decoration and personalized services for the full decoration of residential buildings. The construction unit shall provide more than 3 sets of decoration design schemes for each house type, and each decoration design scheme shall provide an optional menu of materials and equipment that meet environmental protection standards; For the personalized needs of buyers who meet the laws, regulations and normative standards, the construction unit shall adjust the decoration design accordingly, and complete the adjustment of the decoration design scheme and menu selection before the acceptance of the main project

Shandong Province: the implementation plan for the transformation and upgrading of the real estate industry in Shandong Province clearly points out that in 2017, new high-rise residential buildings in Shandong Province will be fully decorated, and in 2018, new high-rise and small high-rise residential buildings will be eliminated from rough houses. For fully decorated commercial residential buildings, rough houses and decoration are priced, invoiced and taxed separately at the time of sale. It is conducive to the cooperation between decoration companies and real estate

Hainan Province: on December 7, 2016, the Hainan Provincial People's government issued the "notice on continuing to implement the “ two suspensions ” policy to further promote the healthy development of the real estate market", requiring that from July 1, 2017, all commercial residential projects in all cities and counties should be fully decorated. The whole decoration should actively promote the application of green building materials and green construction methods, accelerate the modernization of the construction industry, and comprehensively improve the quality of commercial housing

Henan Province: at the beginning of 2016, the Henan provincial Party committee and provincial government issued the "opinions on strengthening the management of urban planning and construction", which stipulates that by 2020, the new commercial housing in the province will basically realize no blank Housing. Zhengzhou airport economic comprehensive experimental zone and Zhengdong New Area are pilot areas. Since 2016, all new commercial residential buildings have implemented the standard of finished housing

Sichuan Province: the guiding opinions on promoting the modernization of the construction industry issued by the people's Government of Sichuan Province points out that by 2020, the province will basically form a market mechanism and development environment suitable for the modernization of the construction industry, and actively promote the modernization of the construction industry in the construction of houses, bridges, water conservancy, railways and so on. Tend to realize the construction of standard system. Buildings with an expected assembly rate of more than 30% account for 30% of new buildings; 50% of the newly-built houses are fully decorated

Jiangsu Province: as early as 2014, the general office of the people's Government of Jiangsu Province issued the implementation opinions on promoting the development of green buildings and building industrialization, pointing out that by the end of 2025, the modern construction mode of the construction industry will become the main construction mode. The construction area of the modernization construction of the construction industry in the province accounts for the proportion of the newly started construction area in the same period, the assembly rate of new buildings has reached more than 50%, the assembly rate of decoration has reached more than 60%, the proportion of new finished houses has reached more than 50%, and the contribution rate of scientific and technological progress has reached more than 60%

the policies of various regions have three characteristics for the requirements of full decoration: the combination of menu decoration and personalized services, the separate pricing of rough houses and fine decoration, and the realization of green buildings

ceramic tile brands can realize personalized and diversified pricing methods. With the reshuffle of environmental protection policies on the industry, green production will soon be realized

a few days ago, Deqing County upgraded its ceramic tile raw material milling production line, which is the first project to build a centralized ceramic milling base and use waste heat as energy for ceramic milling process& ldquo; Cogeneration + centralized pulverization ” The cleaner production process and green production will not become a production area in the country

in the future, whether it is full decoration, fine decoration or prefabricated buildings, ceramic tile products can meet their requirements for buildings

excess is a false proposition, and there are still many opportunities.

at present, the operation mode of fine decoration is divided into two kinds: one is that the developer operates the whole decoration process, and the other is that it is outsourced to the decoration company

under the trend of policies, Mona Lisa, xinmingzhu, Dongpeng and other big brands are cooperating with Vanke, Evergrande and other real estate companies on the one hand, and Xiaomi home decoration love space, beautiful home decoration and other home decoration companies on the other hand

the sales of ceramic tiles in the decoration channel has reached 20%, but both home decoration companies and real estate developers pay more attention to the delivery, supply, cooperation, financial support, brand, competitive price and other conditions of ceramic enterprises in cooperation. Full decoration is not only a channel for the ceramic tile industry, but also a challenge

the cooperation between ceramic enterprises and upstream industries can easily erode the profits of dealers. Big brands such as Mona Lisa and osheno adopt the practice of dividing projects to local dealers according to the real estate area. For local hardbound housing projects, Mona Lisa encourages terminal dealers to cooperate with them, and the headquarters will assist them in completing the bidding. Only immovable dealers “ Cheese ”, Industry and brand can develop healthily

in the process of seeking cooperation, both dealers and brands seem to be able to solve the four development difficulties encountered by the ceramic tile industry at present:

1. The prices of raw materials, fuels, auxiliary materials, packaging materials, etc. rise, labor costs continue to rise, costs rise, and profits are compressed

2. The reshuffle of environmental protection policies on the industry

3. Export trade barriers have increased, and anti-dumping has affected exports

4. Homogenization and malicious competition emerge one after another

the chaotic pattern caused by the barbaric growth of the ceramic tile industry in the past, in the process of cooperation with real estate developers or home decoration companies, the other party's requirements for product features, green production, etc., will force the benign development of the industry. This is a good thing for the ceramic tile industry, although retail profits have decreased




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