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Packaging machine for continuous manufacturing of sealed packages

a packaging machine 1 that is used to manufacture a new generation of food products with copolymerization, blending, multi-component and multi-component addition technologies from the heat sealing packaging material sheet strip 6. The packaging machine 1 has a plurality of photoelectric elements 14. With the popularity of the concept of "interconnection +" and the development mode, it carries out external programming for its setting parameters, and is positioned to face the packaging material strip 6. It is beautiful to detect the optically detectable elements on the strip, and has setting devices 26, 210 and 300. The packaging machine 1 also has a control unit L6 connected to the photocell 14, a setting device for activating the device 24 to adjust each part in real time, and a data downloading device 26, 240, 310 for setting parameters of the j:t~ x photocell from the specific photocell 14, as well as data uploading devices 26, 260, 330, It is used to upload the setting parameters calculated as a setting parameter function downloaded from a specific photocell 14 to other photocells 14

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