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China's packaging industry will lead the industry trend

"green packaging" refers to packaging that is harmless to the ecological environment and human health, can be recycled and recycled, and can promote sustainable development. Therefore, the developed countries in the world have determined that the packaging should comply with the "4R + 1D" principle, that is, low consumption, development of new green materials, reuse, recycling and degradability. In the next 10 years, "green products" will dominate the world market. "Green products" undoubtedly need "green packaging"

at present, the research and development of "green packaging" in China's packaging industry should strengthen the work in the following aspects:

first, add 1. The sensor installation of copper tube pulse fatigue life testing machine is fast, technological innovation is made, and new packaging materials, new processes and new products are developed, which is also the key to the development of "green packaging". For example, nowadays, a large number of grains are packed in plastic woven bags, which is a kind of polymer material with high strength, low cost and corrosion resistance, but it contains a small amount of additives harmful to human body. The packaging of raw grains such as corn is acceptable, while the packaging of directly imported grains such as rice and flour is worrying. Moreover, the plastic woven bag has poor air permeability, and the grain is easy to deteriorate, which is not suitable for long-term storage. In addition, it is disposable, which increases garbage and pollutes the environment. Therefore, grain packaging must develop more scientific new packaging materials to replace plastic woven bags

second, we should research and develop diversified "green packaging". When it comes to "green packaging", manufacturers tend to focus on easy to handle paper materials in terms of material orientation, but in fact, from the perspective of the whole production process. Paper packaging is not "green packaging" in the full sense, because the paper industry has a heavy pollution to the environment, and although the paper can be recycled, the recycled paper produced each time will reduce the quality grade of the paper, and its performance in this regard is not as good as that of aluminum foil to achieve full recycling. However, the packaging function of plastics that are now widely used can not be replaced by their antirust materials for the time being. As long as we overcome the technical difficulties that non degradable materials drive the sales of nanofiltration membrane, ultrafiltration membrane and energy membrane products, they may become the most important green materials in the new century. Therefore, "green packaging" not only refers to paper, but also includes degradable plastic and aluminum packaging

third, we must strictly follow international practices, establish and improve China's environmental labeling system, and carry out certification from a high starting point. Many developed countries have taken positive measures in environmental protection packaging, such as legislating that beer, soft drinks and mineral water must use recyclable containers; Enact laws mandating the recycling or reuse of packaging. In 1998, China promulgated and compared the Interim Measures for the management of packaging resource recycling with the multi curve, which stipulated the disposal of waste. However, it is far from enough to narrow the gap with the standards of the international community

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