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Packaging: "moderate" and "excessive" (2)

the packaging of health care products. It is very appropriate for consumers to describe the excessive packaging of health care products with "two catties of bamboo shoots and three catties of shells". The volume of American ginseng buccal tablets with only 4 small plates is less than 1% of the packaging. The reason why we buy this over packaged product is completely out of frustration, because we have no choice. Nowadays, it is difficult to find American ginseng buccal tablets with appropriate packaging in the market. The reason why manufacturers pursue excessive packaging is that, objectively, the state has no strict regulations on the packaging of health products, and subjectively, businesses can pursue high profits

Merchants: a new "Pan gift era" has come. The exquisite packaging and various media advertisements full of human feelings remind consumers all the time that gift giving has become a fashion that people are reluctant to accept in today's society. Whether the gift packaging is elegant has almost become the most important standard for people to choose gifts. The era of first-class products and third rate packaging has gone forever. Since it is a gift, we should give face. It is precisely this mentality of the consumers that the manufacturers have grasped and skillfully made an article on the packaging of health care products and gifts. On New Year's holidays, living in a courteous manner adds lubricant to interpersonal relations, stimulates domestic demand, drives the development of related industries, and increases taxes for the country. Is this also excessive packaging? This is the case with the packaging of health care products. If you don't do it, someone will do it. Enterprises compete for survival and can only drift with the tide. This is also keeping pace with the times

editor: it is a virtue of the Chinese people that the worm, worm gear and force measuring piston rotate when they are industrious and thrifty. It is natural for consumers to favor simple packaging. It doesn't matter if the health care products you buy are for your own use and have luxurious packaging. If it is a gift, the packaging really needs to be exquisite, but it should be enough. The most important thing of health care products is the internal quality. The external packaging is only the icing on the cake, and should not dominate. Health care products with high quality, beautiful packaging, good quality and low price should be the first choice of consumers. I hope the merchants can consider the appeal of "God"

Book packaging so to speak

many of the complete sets of books sold by consumers in bookstores at present are put into cardboard boxes or wooden boxes lined with silk fabrics and beautifully printed, and their prices rise with them, making "poor scholars" flinch. While consumers buy books, they want to build a box that takes up space at home and has no other use, which is unacceptable. In order to be convenient for buyers to carry, the packaging of books is necessary, but this kind of binding over packaging is really puzzling and even annoying

books with refined packaging cannot be sold at all. Even in the book market, prices have dropped several times or even more than ten times, and there are still many inventories. It can be seen that consumers do not recognize the value they have raised by over packaging. It is a pity that some consumers buy hardcover books with boxes, and the boxes turn into garbage when they go back. Publishers in recent years, books as gifts, has become a fashionable fashion. Gifts should be packaged, which is beyond reproach. The packaging of some complete sets of valuable books not only has the function of protecting books from damage, but also greatly meets the needs of consumers for gifts. Through packaging to improve the added value of products, the market is driven not only by our publishing house, but also by carton factories, silk factories and other related enterprises. Of course, Jinan Shijin, as a professional manufacturer of experimental machines, also has some blindness in packaging, that is, excessive packaging. In the future, we will make corresponding adjustments according to the market demand to avoid the waste of resources

editor: goods need packaging. Of course, people's spiritual food is no exception. All kinds of hardcover books emerge in endlessly, which are very attractive to customers. Through the packaging, the books are more beautiful, which not only facilitates the purchase of consumers, but also enables manufacturers to obtain more benefits. This is understandable. If we only seek the packaging of external beauty and ignore the internal quality of the book itself, there will be many mistakes in the book. No matter how good the packaging is, it will not be recognized by people. Is it not to abandon the book to the end? After all, we use the imported photoelectric encoder to measure the displacement, rather than packaging

shoe packaging

consumers: over packaging of shoes is a common phenomenon. Each shoe is first stuffed with foam plastic, then put into an elegant cloth bag, then lined with paper, put into a paper shoe box, and finally put into a large plastic handbag. After consumers buy home, they should discard all the packaging except shoes. Nowadays, the whole world is advocating green packaging. This typical over packaging should be repositioned and changed. Since the manufacturer can think of putting the foamed plastic into the shoes to protect it from deformation, why not use the shoe brace directly? This not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, but also provides consumers with the convenience of protecting shoes from deformation. I don't think it will do any harm to the profits of the merchants if we adopt appropriate packaging

businessmen: the more high-end shoes facing severe energy and environmental challenges, the more exquisite the packaging. Each layer of packaging has its reason. The purpose is that the ten whites are damaged in the circulation process, and the manufacturer's gains outweigh the losses. No matter how good the shoes are, they can't be sold at a good price if they are simply packaged. Famous brand shoes must pay attention to packaging, which is the so-called good horse with good saddle. There are indeed naked shoes on the market. Most of them are sold in supermarkets. Most of them are low-cost artificial leather, which is not extruded. Therefore, it is not necessary to pack each pair of shoes separately. It is precisely to save costs that large packaging is adopted. The phenomenon of over packaging of shoes does exist, but simple packaging requires the joint efforts of all links in the entire shoe circulation field, which is difficult to achieve by relying on manufacturers alone

editor: consumers have the right to make their own choices, and excessive packaging forces consumers to spend a lot of money to buy Packaging they do not need while buying goods, which affects the interests of consumers. It is a well-known fact that commodities without packaging are easy to be damaged, affecting their beauty and difficult to sell well. However, it is a thankless and laborious act to over package and turn the goods people buy into a pile of useless foam and cartons. Excessive packaging has infringed upon the rights and interests of consumers. Of course, consumers have the right to make irresponsible comments. I hope businesses can listen attentively and absorb them reasonably. For example, it is reasonable for consumers to suggest using "shoe brace" to replace the method of putting foamed plastic. Businesses' efforts will have an effect on consumers once and for all. Why not

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