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Packaging injects vitality into daily chemical commodities

the daily chemical industry has always paid attention to the packaging of products. In the highly competitive market, packaging has become an inseparable part of daily chemical products. To some extent, the packaging in the eyes of customers represents the product itself. Therefore, enterprises hope to make their products stand out and inject vitality into the brand with the help of fashionable, novel, safe and convenient packaging. At present, the smooth converter between the controls of plastic containers is still the main packaging form of daily chemical products. However, with the increasing variety of products and the increasingly fierce market competition, the daily chemical industry has higher and higher requirements for product packaging materials and packaging design. Novel design, diversified materials and continuous innovation have become the key to increase the competitiveness of products

plastic China, which is currently used for the packaging of daily chemical products, will continue to provide convenience materials to Mongolia in terms of transit transportation and sea access. Containers mainly include pet, PE, PVC, PP and other materials: among them, the application of PET plastic bottles and containers is growing particularly fast, because "pursuing transparency" has increasingly become a major trend in the packaging of daily chemical products and cosmetics. Bath lotions, skin care products Washing products are the first to use PET packaging containers. PE is the main packaging material for household washing products. High density polyethylene (HDPE) is widely used in washing liquid, detergent, bathroom detergent, clothing softener and other products. At present, the market and the shampoo, hair care products and shower gel from projet MJP 56001 also use a large number of blow molded packages of high-density polyethylene. HDPE is widely used mainly because of its mature process, good lightfastness, flexible labeling form and strong randomness in color selection. PVC is mainly used for the packaging of cosmetics, but it will be gradually eliminated and replaced by PET with better functionality and appearance. Because of its good chemical stability and sealing, PP is more widely used in the packaging of medical grade and home care products

the packaging of daily chemical products should be protective, functional and decorative, which is reflected in:

1. the packaging should play a protective role in the transportation, storage and use of products

2. the packaging should reflect the characteristics and uses of the products it contains

3. packaging should provide consumers with convenient functions

4. the packaging shall make the product different from its competitors and easy to attract the attention of consumers

making packaging convey more market information has increasingly become the focus of new product development in the daily chemical industry. According to statistics, 30% of product competitiveness comes from packaging. Packaging is the "silent salesman" of commodities. In addition to protecting commodities, it must also be committed to beautifying, publicizing and inducing consumers' desire to buy, so as to enhance the sales competitiveness of commodities in the market. The importance of daily chemical product packaging mainly lies in that packaging will directly affect the consumer psychological orientation and purchasing behavior of customers. Therefore, how to make product packaging design meet the consumer's purchasing psychology is an important factor to promote product sales

nowadays, the trend of international daily chemical product packaging is to continuously introduce new concept, attractive shape and color outer packaging. Professional packaging design should aim at different consumer groups and different product categories. In fact, it is not the most convenient solution. In the initial stage of packaging design, we should comprehensively consider the bottle shape, color, material, label and other aspects, link all factors, pay attention to every detail of product packaging, such as bottle mouth, cover (pump), handle, and always reflect the humanized, fashionable and novel packaging concept, So as to have an impact on the final product. At the same time, many existing products are constantly changing the packaging shape and renovating the old packaging. Although it is a new bottle of old wine, the product packaging is more ergonomic, easier to identify, better reflect the function and particularity of the product, and inject new vitality into the old products

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