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As we all know, the packaging industry in Qinghai Province has lagged behind the economic development of the whole province for a long time. There is no modern packaging production line in the province. Most of the packaging of famous and high-quality products in the province depends on the supply outside the province. A large amount of packaging costs in Qinghai Province flow to packaging enterprises in other provinces. Although the packaging industry in Qinghai has also developed to a certain extent in the past 20 years, there are deep-seated problems such as incompatibility with demand in both product structure and product quality. In addition, there is still a big gap between some areas of the packaging industry and developed provinces and regions. The annual losses caused by poor packaging are still quite amazing. The losses suffered in export are very serious. Good products can not sell at a good price. The phenomenon of waste of physical goods caused by imperfect management system is also common. At the same time, in the process of the development of the packaging industry, there have been many new problems, such as low efficiency, unreasonable layout and structure, and lack of scale

the implementation of the western development strategy has brought opportunities to the packaging industry in Qinghai and put forward new requirements for the packaging industry in Qinghai. The packaging workers in Qinghai province began to have new ideas

recently, jiangjiemin, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qinghai Provincial Committee and governor of Qinghai Province, made an important instruction on the development of the packaging industry in Qinghai: we should support the development of the packaging industry and regard it as a key industry for development this year in terms of capital, planning, planning and policies

vice governor Jiang's instructions represent the wishes of the province's packaging workers. The Qinghai Packaging Industrial Park contracted by Xining Dongbao Printing Co., Ltd. was also prepared under the impetus of this desire

In October, 2000, a market research group led by Xining Dongbao Printing Co., Ltd. conducted a thorough and detailed research on the supply and demand of packaging products in Qinghai's characteristic and advantageous industries. The market research group has visited six competent departments of relevant industries, including the Provincial Planning Commission, the provincial pharmaceutical administration, the provincial Food Industry Association, the provincial building materials office, the provincial animal husbandry department and the provincial agriculture and forestry department, and obtained a lot of valuable information

in the household survey of enterprises, the survey group visited 65 enterprises in 6 industries, including 13 cement enterprises in the building materials industry, 7 enterprises in the pharmaceutical industry, 6 enterprises in the wine industry, 17 enterprises in the food industry, 3 vegetable deep-processing enterprises in the agricultural and sideline industries, 3 orchards, and 10 light industrial enterprises in the light textile industry, The first-hand materials about the demand and development trend of packaging products in Qinghai Province have been found out and mastered in detail. The survey results show that during the Ninth Five Year Plan period, the demand for packaging in Qinghai Province is about 2.1 billion yuan, increasing at a rate of 15% per year, and will reach 2.6 billion yuan during the Tenth Five Year Plan period

take color printing packaging as an example. According to market research, Qinghai province needs 480million yuan of color printing packaging products annually, including nearly 200million yuan of packaging and printing products for Breweries across the province, including Xining, which is known as the "second wine city in the world". There are nearly 20 wineries in the province. The output of Qinghai highland barley wine group and Qinghai Jinta wine group accounts for more than two-thirds of the province's wine industry. In addition, in recent years, the Tibetan medicine industry, as the dominant resource in Qinghai Province, has developed rapidly. In 2000, the output value of Tibetan medicine in Qinghai reached 280million yuan, requiring 80million yuan of packaging and printing materials. The medicines of famous Chinese and Tibetan medicine manufacturers such as Jinhe Tibetan medicine, Jinzhu Tibetan medicine and Sanpu pharmaceutical are exported to the domestic coastal and Southeast Asian regions, driving the development of Chinese and Tibetan medicine and becoming the leading enterprise in the development of Qinghai Chinese and Tibetan medicine. It is expected that the Sino Tibetan pharmaceutical industry will have greater development in the future, so there will also be greater demand for packaging and printing materials

the implementation of the national western development strategy has also brought a good opportunity for the great development of Qinghai packaging industry. Qinghai is rich in natural resources and rich in animal and plant resources. 1. The deep processing of Electromechanical industry such as beef and mutton and its by-products is another major advantage, which requires a large number of packaging products. In addition, the rare and local products unique to Qinghai Province, such as Cordyceps sinensis, fruit of life, snow lotus, pilose antler, are becoming more and more popular. They are all big users of packaging products. In addition, in recent years, the planting and sales of flowers and back to season vegetables have increased year by year. Long distance trafficking requires packaging to increase the added value of goods and ensure the quality of goods. Relying on these characteristic resources, it has become a top priority to improve the quality and grade of packaging products, develop new products to meet user requirements, and occupy the market with high-grade and exquisite products

all these provide accurate and reliable decision-making basis for the selection, positioning and construction scale of Qinghai packaging industrial park

then why is Xining Dongbao Printing Co., Ltd. the main body to implement the construction of Qinghai packaging industrial park? Because the company can be called the leading enterprise in Qinghai packaging industry

the company is an enterprise mainly engaged in printing, formerly known as Xining No. 2 printing factory. In 1996, the company completed the restructuring of the joint-stock cooperative system, and was established as a limited company in 1998. Through unremitting efforts, the company has grown in size and cultivated a management team who is good at management and a technician team who understands technology and can endure hardships. It has been praised by many customers for its strong technical force, reliable product quality and warm and thoughtful service

the company has successively won the titles of "star enterprise" at the municipal level and "civilized unit at the provincial and municipal levels", and won the "merit certificate for entrepreneurship" of Xining City, which has a high reputation in the province. The company attaches importance to the scientific and technological progress of the enterprise. Since 1994, it has successfully implemented several important development and technological transformation projects, such as "carbon coated and carbon free printing technology development", "computer bill", "magnetic card printing", and won the second and third prizes of Xining scientific and technological progress respectively. It has gained some experience in enterprise technological development and technological transformation, laying a solid foundation for enterprise product development and technological transformation. In 2000, various economic indicators of the enterprise achieved the best level since the beginning

through a number of technical transformation and scientific and Technological Development in recent years, some printing products have occupied a leading position in the printing industry in the province. Therefore, with the support of the provincial and municipal economic and trade commissions, the provincial packaging industry office and other departments, and the care of the leaders of the provincial government, the color printing packaging project has been included in the key construction projects of Qinghai Province in the tenth five year plan. Xining Dongbao Printing Co., Ltd. decided to build Qinghai Packaging Industrial Park mainly by developing color printing packaging products through research and negotiation on the basis of investigation on the color printing market in the province and consultation with relevant national and provincial departments, combined with the important position of color printing in packaging products

according to the plan, Qinghai packaging industry group will be built in Xining Economic and Technological Development Zone, introducing one flexible concave packaging and decoration printing production line with the latest international advanced technology, one AC high-strength corrugated box processing production line, one yad8800d computer and one gravure flexible packaging production line, and establishing a high-tech technology development and research center. The total investment of the project is 100million yuan and the construction period is 1 year. After Qinghai Packaging Industrial Park is completed and put into operation, the annual sales revenue is expected to be 300million yuan, tax 51million yuan and profit 60million yuan

commodities need packaging, and commodities depend on packaging to a certain extent. Packaging can not only protect commodities, promote commodities, but also improve the added value of commodities. Qinghai packaging industry office has a very clear understanding of this. Therefore, Qinghai Packaging Industry Office attaches great importance to the project establishment and future construction of Qinghai packaging industry park

therefore, under the direct leadership of relevant national departments and the provincial economic and Trade Commission, Qinghai packaging industry office has decided to follow the law of socialist market economy, take science and technology as the guide, market demand as the guide, economic benefits as the center, and take into account social benefits, seize the opportunity of the great economic development of the special zone in Qinghai after more than five years of practice, expand foreign cooperation and cooperation, and concentrate on accelerating the development of the packaging industry, In order to meet the needs of the market and provide a good package for the development of the national economy. They formulated a series of measures to do a good job in the macro-control, coordination, service, guidance, supervision and management of Qinghai packaging industry. These specific measures include:

first, give play to the guiding role of industrial policy and promote the orderly development of the industry. Focusing on the packaging of original characteristic products in Qinghai, support the development of new products and materials from a high starting point and expand the scale of production. At the same time, improve the packaging and bulk material packaging

second, we should pay close attention to the structural adjustment of the packaging industry. In terms of the internal industry structure of the packaging industry, we will focus on supporting the development of the packaging and printing, paper product packaging, new packaging materials and pollution-free plastic packaging industries, accelerate the development of the glass packaging industry, further tap the packaging potential of the existing metal product packaging industry, and restrict new metal product projects in terms of capital investment and project approval

in terms of enterprise organizational structure, we will focus on supporting packaging enterprises with advanced technology and equipment, marketable products and good economic benefits, and restrict packaging enterprises with backward technology and equipment, unqualified product quality, counterfeiting and shoddy products, serious pollution and successive years of losses

in terms of product structure, we should support the production of famous, excellent, special and new products, marketable products, pollution-free products, products with good economic benefits, products with high technical grade, high added value and exportable foreign exchange earning products, limit the production of products with low technical content, slow-moving backlog and poor business benefits, and resolutely ban products without quality certificates, with serious pollution and no market. Rely on policies, laws and regulations, and apply the principle of market economy to strengthen work, so as to optimize the industry, enterprise and product structure of the packaging industry and obtain the maximum economic benefits

third, accelerate the pace of technological progress. Focus on the following work:

first, strengthen the reform and opening up, give full play to the advantages of flexible information, fast contact and strong coordination of the packaging office and the packaging Association, attract advanced packaging projects at home and abroad to settle in Qinghai, and gradually change the backward situation of the packaging industry in Qinghai as a whole

the second is to adopt preferential policies to welcome and absorb packaging talents from outside the province to work in Qinghai, and gradually fundamentally change the lack of talents in the packaging industry in Qinghai

the third is to do a good job in the development, production and marketing of new products. During the Tenth Five Year Plan period, we will focus on such projects as color packaging production line, color printing corrugated board production line, color printing carton (bag) production line, color printing plastic composite production line, transformation of glass bottle production line, color printing plastic woven bag production line, packaging paper production line and paper can production line, so as to form a climate as soon as possible and become a new growth point of Qinghai packaging industry

fourth, gradually establish the information station of packaging industry, strengthen information exchange and product sales, and promote Qinghai packaging industry enterprises and famous and high-quality products outside the province to the world

fifthly, organize the principals of Qinghai packaging industry enterprises to visit and study at home and abroad in a planned, purposeful and phased manner, so as to increase their knowledge and continuously promote the enterprise to an advanced level

fourth, strengthen joint cooperation and open wider to the outside world

adhere to the principle of mutual benefit and common development, and strengthen the alliance and cooperation with packaging enterprises in developed regions. Attract all kinds of packaging enterprises to invest and set up factories, joint restructuring, grafting and transformation in Qinghai. In particular, it will attract domestic and foreign packaging enterprises to transform their products with high-tech and famous high-quality products

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