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The condiments with disorderly packaging signs were wiped out

the workers packed condiments with bare hands without any protective measures, and the factory did not process and produce them in accordance with the executive standards. Yesterday, Wanqing, the discipline inspection team leader of Longquanyi District branch of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, and other law enforcement officers investigated the Chuanfu condiment food factory located in Longquanyi District of Chengdu and found that the factory processed condiments without standards and printed the organization code into a bar code without authorization. At present, the factory is under investigation by the quality supervision department

Not long ago, the reader Mr. Wang called this newspaper and said that Chuanfu condiment food factory, located in Yihe Town, Longquanyi District, Chengdu, had a poor production environment and was not processed according to the standards. On July 8, after receiving the report, he went to the factory for investigation

before entering the factory, a strong sour smell came to my face. When I opened the factory door, I saw that several workers were busy packing wild pepper with bare hands, and their sweat was dripping on the finished food from time to time. There were no necessary protective measures against flies and rats in the whole production site. On the package of the product, the organization code is printed as a bar code. Residents nearby told that the food factory did not pay much attention to hygiene. Can the products processed in this environment be safe to eat

disordered product signs

yesterday, Wan Qing, discipline inspection leader of Longquanyi branch of Chengdu Municipal Bureau of quality supervision, immediately led law enforcement officers to the food processing plant after receiving the report

perhaps it was the early investigation that alerted the manufacturer, but the arrival of the law enforcement officers saw another "Scene". The dirty floor had been washed by water, and several workers lost their work and hurried to the outside of the factory, claiming to eat outside

the law enforcement personnel found that the package of wild pepper produced by the factory was not marked with the executive standard. An employee surnamed Wu said that these products were left over from some time ago and have not been processed at present. However, in addition, we learned that the factory has been producing wild pepper and other condiments here in August last year

at the same time, law enforcement officers also found non iodized salt and unqualified product labels in the raw material room. The packaging of "xiaomilia" did not comply with the standards, and the organization code was illegally printed into a bar code, and the production date was also printed, which was not marked in accordance with the relevant regulations

the quality supervision and law enforcement personnel told that this food processing factory had been investigated and punished for supporting the development of strategic emerging industries one month ago. The main reason was that the factory had no standard production, and the processing environment did not develop a friction coefficient tester that could test the friction coefficient because of its high sensor accuracy (some of which were within 3% of 100000)

since this area has been under the management of Xindu District of Chengdu recently, yesterday, we should abide by some operating precautions and contacted Xindu Branch of Chengdu Quality Supervision Bureau. A staff member surnamed pan from the office of the Bureau said that once the factory was confirmed to have committed violations, it would be severely punished. (quality daily pengwenchun reports)

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