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China's packaging industry is large but not strong, and many bottlenecks need to be broken.

China's packaging industry is large but not strong. Over the past five years, China has achieved an average annual growth rate of about 18%, especially in the context of the global financial crisis in 2008, China's packaging industry still maintained a growth rate of 17%

however, compared with the development level of the packaging industry in developed countries, there are still some bottlenecks in the development of China's packaging industry, which needs to be transformed from a large packaging country to a powerful packaging country. Current status of the industry:

1. With East China, South China and the Bohai Rim region as the three major centers of gravity, the total industrial output of the central and western regions and Northeast China is increasing

2. Low concentration: the concentration of CR8 output value reaches 6.8% for paper packaging, 5.9% for plastic packaging and 15.5% for metal packaging; From CR8, the profit concentration reached 17% in paper packaging, 12% in plastic packaging and 25% in metal packaging

3. The market share of the packaging sub industry is stable: in 2009, paper and plastic packaging accounted for more than 30% respectively, while metal and glass packaging accounted for 7% and 3% respectively

4. There are many bottlenecks in the industry that need to be broken through in all aspects

paper packaging has become the world's largest corrugated box producer. The packaging of paper products has been developing rapidly. Taking the corrugated box industry as an example, the total volume of corrugated box products in China in 2009 reached 36.7 billion square meters, accounting for 19.3% of the world total and 30% of the total in Asia

plastic packaging keeps growing in the sluggish plastic industry. According to the 12th Five Year Plan for the plastic packaging industry, it is expected that the average growth rate of plastic products output of Enterprises above Designated Size will exceed 12% from 2010 to 2015; The average growth rate of gross industrial output value exceeded 15%; The average growth rate of profits, profits and taxes exceeded 18%

metal packaging enterprises with a revenue of 10 billion yuan are expected to be born. In 2015, the total amount of metal packaging exceeded 100billion yuan, with an average growth rate of 8%-10%. A 10billion level enterprise of metal packaging may be born. The industry concentration and the threshold of large enterprises will further increase the length of samples above 2450mm from valves in all aspects of the shell

main growth areas of packaging and printing industry. During the 11th Five Year Plan period, the average annual growth rate of the total output value of the printing industry reached 19.34%. In 2011, the total output value of China's printing industry accounted for 15% of the world. The total volume of flame retardant materials, including organic flame retardant materials and inorganic flame retardant materials, is close to the second in the world. The packaging and printing industry has been growing rapidly in recent years

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