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In 2015, the packaging industry in the United States will increase the recycling proportion

recently, the manufacturers of plastic packaging bags in the United States and the American Chemical Council have jointly formulated a goal to increase the proportion of recycled ingredients in plastic bag manufacturing raw materials to 40% by 2015

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this full recycling action was initiated by the packaging bag improvement branch of the American Chemical Council, requiring member enterprises in the industry to invest 50million US dollars to strengthen the recycling of packaging bags and the upgrading of the manufacturing industry

the action plan also stipulates that 25% of the 40% recycled components of plastic products come from plastic bags recycled after consumption. To achieve these two goals, plastic bag manufacturers need to recycle 470million pounds of recyclable plastic products every year (300million pounds of which will come from post consumer plastic bags), which is equivalent to 36billion plastic bags

in 2007, 830million pounds of plastic bags and plastic packaging were recycled

the packaging bag improvement branch plans to cooperate with grocery stores and retail stores to increase the garbage system specially collecting plastic bags for consumers' use. The American Chemical Council has listed the list of plastic product recycling sites in its plastic bag recycling bin. The recycling bins placed in these sites can collect plastic bags, tissue wrapping paper, newspaper bags, dry cleaning bags and other No. 2 and No. 4 plastic bags and packaging to improve the durability of outer packaging. Non professional recycling agencies or garbage centers are not allowed to receive plastic bags. There is no obvious impact on the unit cost

while the American Chemical Council is trying to increase the recycling of plastic bags, many enterprises, such as IKEA and the American whole food supermarket company, have completely eliminated the use of plastic bags. Many cities in the United States and other countries have set up or put forward restrictions on the use of plastic bags, or charged fees

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