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Packaging back to nature, business tends to be rational

it is also the Mid Autumn Festival. Various moon cakes have long been "made public", and major supermarkets and stores have tried their best to promote sales, using the exquisite advertisements of bus stop signs and elegant posters outside the stores to attract people to buy. A few days ago, an investigation with the relevant personnel of Hunan Administration for Industry and Commerce in Changsha found that due to the implementation of the mandatory national standard for moon cakes, compared with previous years, this year's moon cake market has taken off its luxurious packaging, returned to its original nature, and returned to its healthy and environmentally friendly nature; Consumers also tend to buy moon cakes rationally

moon cakes, take off the "flavor changing" luxury coat

the ancient people of Zheng bought pearls. Seeing that the box containing pearls was very beautiful, they bought the box at a high price and returned the pearls to the merchants. Modern people often ridicule the ancients for "buying a cake and returning a pearl". In the past Mid Autumn Festival, consumers had to passively pay for the luxurious packaging of moon cakes. Most of the mooncakes sold in the market are made of rosewood and brocade. They cost thousands of yuan a box. Instead of mooncakes, they are made of foreign wine, jewelry and even golf clubs. For several consecutive years, the value of moon cakes has been higher than one year, which has made many consumers flinch and sigh at the cakes. Moon cake sales have changed the Happy Mid Autumn Festival

this year's Mid Autumn Festival, the moon cake market seems to be blowing a fresh and simple wind. On September 12, I saw in Carrefour supermarket that a moon cake corridor was set up next to the cake counter. Most of the moon cakes in bulk were packed in transparent food bags, with the raw material formula, date of manufacture and address marked on the packaging, or covered with degradable film. Consumers could clearly see the taste and freshness of the moon cakes. The price of the moon cakes in bulk was 15 to 20 yuan per kilogram (8, 125 grams each). The manufacturer's sales promotion personnel said: "this year's moon cakes are more standardized, and the packaging is as elegant as possible. For example, they are packaged in paper. The box is printed with traditional patterns such as seven stars with the moon, flowers blooming and wealth, as well as designs such as Jiangnan Spring and Lotus Pond Moonlight, which are simple and fashionable. The price ranges from 38 yuan a box (4, 125 grams each) to 380 yuan (9, 150 grams each) The price is significantly lower than that of last year. Three star hotels and above in Changsha are also selling homemade moon cakes. According to Jiacheng, Huatian, Tongcheng and Jinyuan hotels, the national standard for the production and packaging of moon cakes issued by the state has strictly restricted the cost and specification of moon cake packaging boxes. It is required that the packaging cost should not exceed 25% of the factory price. Tie ins are not allowed, and the quality guarantee period of moon cakes is more strictly regulated, Therefore, all hotels basically use paper packaging boxes to replace the wooden boxes and iron boxes commonly used in previous years. For example, the nostalgic mooncakes launched by Jiacheng hotel are like a unique book. The cover of the mooncake box is printed with beautiful women in cheongsam. The mooncakes inside are as delicate as snacks. The price is 50% lower than last year, ranging from 48 yuan (4, 80g) to 388 yuan (8, 125g) per box

Gaohong, general manager of Jiacheng Hotel, said that the "slimming down" of moon cakes this autumn not only eliminated the high prices in the moon cake market for many years, but also standardized the market and made people get real benefits; At the same time, it also effectively safeguarded food safety and avoided the use of packaging raw materials that would pollute the moon cakes

according to the survey, all businesses fully consider the market demand and focus on health, green and environmental protection. First of all, pay more attention to the high-performance technology of raw materials, quality and safety, processing technology and the use of new materials, and pay attention to the combination of green, health and nutrition. In addition to traditional lotus seed paste, bean paste, chocolate and other varieties, pumpkin, corn, Hamimelon, dark plum, durian and other melons and fruits, highland barley, wheat and other cereals, the mechanical properties of fasteners and bolts need to be tested. The experimental items include: green tea, seaweed, xylitol and other materials are used in moon cake stuffing. All major pastry merchants and hotels have launched green moon cakes with low sugar, low fat and low oil. On June 1, relevant national departments formally implemented the mandatory national standard for moon cakes, which stipulates that expired fillings are not allowed to be used, food additives and preservatives are not allowed to be added, and corresponding provisions are made on the shelf life of moon cakes. The major hotels of Rosa food company and Mario food company in Changsha have launched reservation services. Consumers can specify packaging design and taste according to their own requirements, and implement door-to-door delivery service. Consumers can taste fresh and favorite moon cakes

consumers are more rational in buying

moon cakes are the most important carrier of the Chinese Mid Autumn Festival, and also a synonym for the reunion and beauty of Chinese traditional culture. The survey found that, unlike previous years when public funds bought a large number of luxury moon cakes, this year's moon cake sales seemed more rational

in the long deposit recovery mode of the moon cake in Carrefour supermarket, we learned from the new recovery channel gallery that most consumers choose the fruit moon cake made by Carrefour. They buy it at 15 yuan per kilogram, or choose several different flavors of moon cake, and then spend 20 yuan to 30 yuan to buy a beautiful packaging box, which is also very practical as a gift. A dealer in Guangdong told that most people choose a box of moon cakes with a price of 200 yuan to 300 yuan as gifts, and more than 10 boxes were sold this evening. From this, 688 concluded that the main function of the spring testing machine is to control the tension, pressure, displacement of precision springs such as tension spring, compression spring, disc spring, tower spring, leaf spring, composite spring, gas spring, mold spring, and heterosexual spring The experiment and analysis of stiffness and other strength. A box of abalone and bird's nest moon cakes were ignored

source: China Packaging News

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