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In recent years, the state has made a series of major arrangements in the technological transformation of enterprises. In addition to the original financial interest subsidy fund of 1billion yuan per year for technological transformation, 15.3 billion yuan per year has been added since 1999 to support the technological transformation of enterprises. At the same time, since 1998, Zhejiang provincial government has allocated 150million yuan of financial discount to support the technological transformation of enterprises

encouraged by this, the vast number of packaging enterprises in Zhejiang Province have seized the great opportunity and embarked on a large number of technological innovation projects with large investment, high technical content and broad market prospects. The improvement of effective resolution is at the expense of dynamic performance (bandwidth), such as the national key project - Zhejiang dadongnan Plastic Group's 10000 ton BOPP project, the provincial key technological innovation project - Zhejiang Shengda Group's 2800mm five layer corrugated box production line, etc. According to statistics, the provincial packaging industry invested nearly 1.5 billion yuan in technological transformation in 1999, and it is estimated that the investment in technological transformation in 2000 will exceed 2billion yuan. The construction of two national key technological transformation projects -- the annual output of 14000 tons of BOPP film of Zhejiang dadongnan Plastic Group Co., Ltd. and the annual output of 100000 tons of @b power supply voltage high-strength low-g Kraft linerboard of Zhejiang Jingxing Paper Group will begin. (excerpted from the general issue 140 of Zhejiang packaging information)

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