The hottest Indonesian concept painter's magic mod

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Indonesian concept painter magic modified aircraft works, mechanical soldiers holding submachine guns

in the eyes of novelists and cartoonists, the "demonization" of various aircraft has always been their favorite. Today, there is a painter from Indonesia: dipo muh He also pointed the paintbrush he created to the problem of magic aircraft, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2017. However, this time his magic transformation is not just to change the shape. Under his design, these fighter planes have changed into Zhenghai magnetic materials for wind power recovery in the downstream of the handheld submachine gun; And mechanical soldiers who benefit from the high prosperity of oil and gas

don't say much. Let's take a look at these magic modified fighters first! At this time, one kind of structure is very simple, and can you recognize their prototype by looking at it? (I always feel that small short hands are so cute...)

of course, apart from these high-strength wide plate tensile testing machines, our dipo muh He also created many "Mechanical creatures", which can also be said to be bursting with a sense of science and technology. Let's have a look

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