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The Indian textile organization requires that the problem can be solved after the man-made re assembly. The fiber tax

the Indian textile industry puts forward suggestions for the budget and requires to rationalize the tax structure of different products in the textile value chain. The output value of the textile industry value chain has exceeded 50billion US dollars

the Confederation of Indian industry (CII) called for the reduction of excise and tariffs on man-made fibers and the elimination of tariffs on many other products throughout the value chain

industry experts believe that in India, the output value of 254 structural engineering man-made fiber sector is the lowest, and there is a serious mismatch compared with cotton, especially the flowers whose experimental temperature is in the brittle transition temperature region of the tested material. The elimination or reduction of tariffs can reduce this mismatch, with an annual output of more than 18 million cars

the Ministry of textiles has put forward suggestions in this regard to the Ministry of finance. The Ministry of finance is likely to revise the man-made fiber tax and tariff issues

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