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The Indian startup quanta Analytics has turned its attention to the dark

the amount of information in the dark is at least 500 times that of the surface web

deep web, also known as invisible and hidden, refers to network resources that cannot be captured by search engines and need to be accessed through dynamic page technology. Although the amount of network information we can contact in our daily life is already massive, it is actually just the tip of the iceberg of all network information. Google search with any keyword cannot access the deep web. This information is hidden behind passwords and special access software, and the amount of hidden information is at least 500 times that of the surface web

the surface network data has made a large number of successful technology companies. The volume of dark data is so huge. How to mine and apply this part of data

Indian start-up quantum analytics is a company that does dark data mining, analysis and application. So far, more than 100 enterprises have paid for the data analysis services of quantum analytics, including the National Bank of India, McDonald's, Starbucks, etc. Auantta analytics serves the financial, retail, hotel, healthcare, energy and catering industries

quanta Analytics has a team of about 20 people, including mathematicians, system 2. Equipped with tensile attachments (fastener anti sliding test, tensile failure test, change stiffness test) and tightening attachments (base compression test), it can complete relative experiments. It is a scientist and engineer from Harvard University, University of Maryland, University of Michigan, Indian Institute of technology ACR foaming processing aid 5.0~8.0 University, Indian Institute of statistics, etc. They are using AI models to monitor dark data in real time and combine data with behavioral psychology to predict user behavior

ritesh BAW, founder of quantum analytics, the stable operation of the domestic coke market RI take Nike as an example to illustrate how dark data can help retail enterprises: for example, the system demonstrates the labeling of PLA fast food boxes on site. Nike has 200 stores in different parts of India. Nike provides quantum analytics with customers' consumption data in stores, such as consumption amount, consumption details, stay time, etc, Quantum analytics will add relevant data around Nike stores to feed back market information for Nike. For example, they can tell Nike how many users around a specific store haven't visited the store

it sounds like it is undoubtedly different from other big data companies. The special feature of quantum is that they do not crawl the surface network information through crawlers, but constantly access deep network data points to obtain data sources different from other big data companies. According to Ritesh bawri, there are 60billion data points flowing into quantum's system

in essence, quantum analytics is still a big data mining and analysis company, but I think what's interesting is their strategy of docking with dark data sources. This is a track driven by both data sources and modeling capabilities. Entering dark data mining in the early stage is a good way for big data companies to establish differentiation advantages and competitive barriers

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