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Top Indian operators gather at the 2010 mobile broadband Summit Forum

at the 2010 mobile broadband Summit Forum held in India this month, executives from Indian state-owned operators bsnl, Reliance Communications Ltd. and the Indian Ministry of telecommunications will deliver keynote speeches one after another

these two one-day meetings will be held in New Delhi on Wednesday, July 7 and in Bangladesh on Friday, July 9, respectively, to implement the astmb800 and astmb801 standards for production, manufacturing and purchase. The main focus is on the universal experimental machine control software developed by Shandong Star High Tech, which follows the 3G and bwap spectrum of India, in addition to supporting the deployment and service of bandless after the auction of common national standards

two senior executives will participate in the keynote speech at the branch in New Delhi, namely PJ Thomas, Secretary General of the Ministry of telecommunications and chairman of the Indian Telecommunications Commission, and KULDEEP Goyal, chairman and executive director of bsnl, India's state-owned operator. The Mumbai chapter has a thematic report by Syed safawi, CEO of reliance Telecom wireless business unit, India's second largest operator

mainstream analysts from the Committee organized by light reading (foreign communication media) participated in these two meetings. Among them, Berge ayvazian and Gabriel brown, analysts of heavy reading (foreign media), focused on the analysis of network technology, application development and business model development, Gabriela Baez, vice chairman of pyramid Research (foreign media), will focus on the diversified mobile broadband growth strategies adopted by Indian service providers

in addition, analysts will work with representatives of major Indian operators aircel, Bharti Airtel, idea cellular, loop Telecom, Tata Telecom to focus on hot topics such as mobile backhaul, 3G, WiMAX, LTE, etc. the exhibition will gradually replace the discussion of this part of imported products in multiple forums, and a number of Indian network companies, including avnw, will also participate to introduce their advanced technology and market development. Dr. C.S. Rao, chairman of WiMAX forum in India, will attend the two meetings and deliver a speech

in a highly competitive market, both 2G and 3G operators can effectively penetrate the visible light in the sunlight. Some companies are considering their short-term, medium-term and long-term strategies. This summit will become a turning point in the Indian telecommunications field and will bring dramatic changes to the Indian telecommunications market in the next few years. China Communications

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