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Individual income tax declaration can not only "persuade" and "punish"

the deadline for self declaration and tax payment for those with an annual income of more than 120000 yuan has been postponed to 24:00 on April 2 in accordance with relevant regulations. The deadline is approaching. As of the 26th of this month, the number of self declared taxpayers in the country is estimated to have exceeded 1million. However, experts such as vulcanizers, red brick presses, line bending fatigue machines, soft care machines, electric porcelain bending and twisting machines, horizontal pullers and so on estimate that the number of people with an annual income of more than 120000 yuan in China is 6million to 7million. If this figure is taken as the base, the actual number of declaration may only account for about 1/5 of the number of declaration

it should be supported to improve the collection of individual income tax to regulate social distribution and promote the development of social public services. However, the annual deadline is approaching, and there is still no hot situation of individual self declaration, which makes people worry about the "virgin work" of this system. Various signs show that the new individual income tax declaration is more and more like a star advertising market with scandals

from the perspective of the situation, the topic of personal income tax declaration has been heating up since last year, while the operating income, capital income and gray income that are outside the personal income tax collection system have not been exposed to the sun. The official personal property declaration system is weak. When the load can no longer rise, it is weak, and some enterprises often evade taxes. Star advertisements almost monopolized the screen and began to occupy outdoor public places, constantly exposing the tip of the iceberg such as the "Guo Degang incident" and "Fu Yiwei incident"

why is this? Analysis: first, some people are lucky to be punished for failing to declare on time; Second, the tax matters are still unclear, and I don't know how to calculate the non wage income. How similar is this situation to the current star advertisements? The so-called fluke mentality is all for money, but one is to save money, and the other is to make money. When illegal enterprises are prohibited from tax evasion, and the gray income in various fields is even higher than the wage income, build a brand with high quality and low price, and when false advertisements fly all over the sky and "send a child to the hospital" is not defeated, the soil on which fluke mentality depends has been generated. Whether it's paying taxes or shooting advertisements, some parties also suffer from the information barrier of unknown whereabouts. "No way to file taxes" and "weak verification" are helpless

however, from these two phenomena, we can see the shadow of the relevant departments "peeping" aside. In the "Guo Degang incident" and "Fu Yiwei incident", the interests of consumers have become an appendage of value, and the exposed side "peeps" at the ugly performance of false advertisements. More importantly, all kinds of scandals have been investigated to restore the truth, while the relevant departments with more experience and responsibility place their hopes on the moral self-discipline and self-examination of the parties. In terms of personal income tax declaration, we have also taken the same path: by the end of 2006, local tax authorities at all levels have established files for more than 20 million individual income tax taxpayers. However, the file information is not connected with the taxpayers themselves, but "peeps" at the integrity and morality of taxpayers under information monitoring

in the final analysis, in many aspects of rule presupposition, we do not allow the parties to violate moral constraints as much as possible through a perfect rule system and information assurance, but reserve too much space for moral self-discipline and set strict penalties, such as sky high late fees. At present, when the social integrity mechanism is not mature, the rules are often repeatedly impacted in a short period of time, and then the penalty powder is reduced, the failure downtime is on the stage, and whoever is caught is who, while those who cannot be caught are secretly happy. Star advertising is rampant and disorderly, and if the individual income tax declaration still does not learn a lesson, it is likely to get out of control

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