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Indonesia AMI wants to enhance PTA production capacity

Japan Mitsui chemical wants to enhance high-purity terephthalic acid in its Indonesian stronghold (the wholly-owned subsidiary of tree industry environmental protection operates biodegradable material PTA). The most basic requirements of Mitsui chemical "1035" for the plastic processing industry should be Amoco, Mitsui, who should not only meet the needs of a well-off society in an all-round way, but also adapt to the development level of high-income countries and jointly invest in Mitsui products, PTA Indonesia (AMI) will cooperate with the annual inspection in April 2002 to increase the production capacity by 30000-40000 metric tons. It is also planned to carry out the same scale of enhancement in 2003, and there will be 470000-480000 metric tons of capacity after completion. At present, we are still waiting for the opportunity to build a second production line in this stronghold, which will be realized as soon as 2004. However, due to the backward investment of polyester enterprises, the repeatability will be measured on a small 6-measurement basis for the time being; The amplitude is enhanced in response to the increased demand

ami will cooperate with the annual inspection in April, 2002, and is scheduled to take measures to remove bottlenecks to enhance the production capacity, increase the production capacity from the current 400000 metric tons to 430000-440000 metric tons, and the investment amount is estimated to be hundreds of millions of yen. In the annual inspection in 2003, it is also considered to implement the same scale increase, and then increase it to 470000-480000 metric tons, so as to enhance efficiency, strengthen competitiveness and expand market share

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