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Indian tobacco company launched multi-functional "green paper"

Indian tobacco company, the tobacco and hotel giant, launched a new multi-functional green paper, which does not discharge toxic waste water into the environment during the manufacturing process, adding luster to its green activities

this high-quality business kraft paper is made by using the element free chlorine Technology Treated by the innovative ozone technology developed by Metso in Switzerland. A spokesman for the Indian tobacco company said that the technology was developed jointly with the Indian tobacco company for Indian raw materials

this unique product that continues to be exposed to extreme heat is an integral part of the company's activities to increase natural and scarce resources, in line with the company's commitment to contribute to the country's economic, environmental and social capital, the company's spokesman said

kraft paper is made by removing the release of chlorine, which is a by-product that cannot be avoided without pointing to the zero strain adjustment pointer position in the traditional papermaking process. It is one of the most serious sources of water pollution and soil pollution. The company claims that kraft paper is the whitest 75gsm commercial paper produced in India with the most conflicting technical requirements, and has a high shelf life

Indian tobacco company, which has the best-selling stationery brand classmate notebook in the market, will launch green paper products through education and stationery products business department

Indian tobacco company claims to be the only company in the world that has made milestone progress in reducing carbon emissions, protecting water resources and recycling nearly 100% of wastewater

in addition, in the process of paper production, the company is the first company in India to adopt elemental chlorine free technology, and now it has exceeded all emission standards stipulated by government decrees

Indian tobacco comprehensively adjusts the basic structure and certain parameters of the implementation agency. The raw materials of the grass company come from its social and farmers' farm forestry project, which has a forestry area of more than 85000 hectares and provides a workload of 35million days

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