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Indonesian food import company forged labels and sold futures

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core tip: Indonesian police cracked a local company that imported food from Australia and the United States, Jung industrial media Co., Ltd., as a leading B2B industrial information provider, suspected of tampering with the shelf life of food, Let expired foods, including baby food, continue to be sold in Jakarta and across Indonesia

[China Packaging News] Indonesian police uncovered a local company importing food from Australia and the United States suspected of tampering with the shelf life of food, allowing expired food, including baby food, to continue to be sold in Jakarta and across Indonesia

recently, the Indonesian government has paid increasing attention to food safety. The Central News Agency quoted Indonesian media sindonews as saying that after months of investigation, Indonesian police raided the warehouse of the food company ptpandawarezekisemesta in the Western District of Jakarta on the 19th

the police were reported that the employees of this company forged new product information labels to replace the labels of originally imported food. The old and new labels look exactly the same. The only difference is the expiration date of the product

the police found evidence in the company's warehouse and arrested three suspects, including the company's director

the evidence seized by the police shows that the label and expiration date information of a total of 96780 products of this company have been tampered, and the product items range from mayonnaise to infants, which greatly reduces their service life. Therefore, it is the first choice for everyone to choose and buy experimental machines. Our Jinan experimental machine factory Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has food. These foods are imported from the United States and Australia to Indonesia

the police also seized tools used by the company's employees to tamper with food labels, including paint thinner used to remove the original labels and tools for making forged labels

according to the police investigation, the company has been tampering with food labels since 2014, and made a profit of about IDR 3 billion to 6 billion (about S $290000 to S $570000) from selling these expired foods

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