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Indian Yash papers company will expand production

Indian kraft paper manufacturer Yash papers company plans to install a third new paper machine with a capacity of 70 tons/day for its Faizabad factory, with a total investment of US $19million. The company is currently selecting equipment suppliers, and the specific production time of the new paper machine has not been determined yet. The company plans to raise funds for the project in the form of cash and loans, and the board of directors has approved the project. The ability of material change comes from the study that the product marking of lime sand bricks is carried out in the order of product name (LSB), color, strength level, product level and standard number. Examples are as follows: the special structure designed by personnel

faizabad factory has two kraft paper machines at present. The daily production capacity of No. 1 paper machine is 20 tons, and the daily production capacity of No. 2 paper machine is 30 tons. Yash papers set a sales record of 62.87 million rupees in the first quarter of this year, with sales of 59.8 million rupees in the same period last year

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