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Lanzhou waste paper recycling "closed" cycle

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core tip: in Honggu Park of Lanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone with a minimum annual interest rate of 3%, after simple processing, pieces of waste paper are transformed into exhibits such as "park benches", "bicycles", "airplane models", "Christmas deer pull carts", "pony puppets", It looks like a small-scale "amusement park"

[China Packaging News] in Honggu Park of Lanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, after simple processing, pieces of waste paper are transformed into exhibits such as "park benches", "bicycles", "airplane models", "Christmas deer drawn cars", "pony puppets", which look like a small-scale "amusement Park"

this "amusement park" is just a small display platform for recycling waste paper. The waste paper products of "park bench" can carry the weight of an adult. At present, it has been a demonstration park of circular economy in Lanzhou. According to the development mode of "waste in and new out", waste paper enters the park for processing and recycling into finished paper, which is then made into various packaging boxes and goes out of the park to form a "closed" cycle

the above industrial parks are the fifth batch of national "urban mineral" demonstration bases, located in Ping'an Town, Honggu District, Lanzhou city. In addition to the waste paper recycling project, they also include 16 projects, such as the renewable resources sorting center, the construction of the Western renewable resources information trading platform, the dismantling of 50000 tons of waste wires and cables, the dismantling of 1million waste household appliances, the dismantling and processing of 11800 scrapped cars, etc

hanyongxiao, deputy director of Honggu Park of Lanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, said that the main source of waste paper in the park is the standardized community recycling points built in the four districts of Lanzhou main city and the recycling points in other provinces and cities. The recycled waste paper is first broken and processed by papermaking equipment. It is beaten into pulp to produce recycled paper (yellow paperboard). The recycled paper enters the packaging workshop and is made into packaging boxes and put into the market, so as to form a "closed" industrial chain

recently, I saw in the above park that there is only a road between the paper workshop and the carton workshop, and there is no waste and garbage in the park. Han yongxiao said, "garbage is a mineral resource placed in the wrong place." The waste paper and plastic produced in the daily life of Lanzhou citizens, as well as waste televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, etc., can be recycled to "turn waste into treasure". Lanzhou also opened 12345 information link and 965955 recycling services, and carried out the purchase of waste materials into institutions, communities and schools. "As long as citizens make an appointment, waste collectors will come to the door, and the recycling price is also more reasonable."

at present, Lanzhou has built 236 standardized community recycling points, 5 sorting and processing centers in the four districts of the main city, equipped with 10 van type special transport trucks and 200 community mobile special recycling tricycles, forming a renewable resource recycling network system with Chengguan District, Anning District, Yuzhong County and Gaolan County of Lanzhou as the center, radiating Linxia Prefecture, Jiuquan City, Baiyin City and Xining city of Qinghai Province, Only the waste paper purchase volume accounts for about 80% of the city's total purchase volume

zhanghanlin, director of hongguyuan plastic machinery industry in Lanzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, said that the park produces 150000 tons of recycled paper every year, while the packaging paper in the park can only consume 15000 tons, so the biggest challenge facing the park at present is the production scale of fine recycled paper and improving the on-site digestion of raw materials. "In the future, at least 56 downstream enterprises will be introduced for data analysis and statistics, so as to reduce the transportation volume and reduce the cost of papermaking."

he also said that from the perspective of circular economy, strengthening the industrial chain is conducive to social environmental protection and is of great significance to the governance of the entire ecosystem. "Next, we will unswervingly implement the strategy of large-scale strategic transfer, industrial transformation and industrial cycle, and accelerate the construction of a circular economy development pattern with comprehensive utilization of resources, coordinated industrial development and scientific and reasonable layout."

Honggu is the outer suburb of Lanzhou, located in the middle of Gansu Province, and has been dominated by coal for many years. With the gradual shrinkage of coal reserves, the region embarked on the road of transformation, and successively won national support policies such as the transformation of resource exhausted cities and the "urban mineral" demonstration base, which effectively solved the bottleneck problems such as the economy's excessive dependence on resource consumption, extensive and single industrial types, and insufficient support for transformation and development

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