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Application of twidoplc in automatic spray control system of coal yard

1 Overview

with the continuous development of China's economy, the demand for electricity is increasing. As the main force of China's power industry, thermal power generation has also increased rapidly in installed capacity. However, the problems of high energy consumption and serious pollution in thermal power generation are also emerging. Therefore, reducing energy consumption and pollution has become an urgent problem to be solved in the power industry! The simplest and easiest way to achieve the most economical equipment investment is to find a way to pour an appropriate amount of water into the coal pile. Spraying water on the coal pile on the coal yard can greatly reduce the dust of pulverized coal, but the most important thing is that after the wet coal enters the boiler, the water molecules are quickly decomposed into oxygen and hydrogen under the action of high temperature. Oxygen helps combustion. Sufficient oxygen makes the coal burn more fully, reducing ash and black smoke, Hydrogen itself can be burned, which helps to improve the furnace temperature and greatly improves the thermal efficiency of tons of coal. So the automatic spray control system of coal yard came into being and is widely used in power plants

2. System description

this system is controlled by electric valves. Each valve controls two to four sprinkler heads. The number of control points depends on the number of valves. Generally, medium-sized coal yards need about 32 to 64 sprinkler heads, that is, about more than 20 valves, and also need to control the start and stop of two water pumps, one for use and one for standby. Since the spraying process is mainly controlled by time, there is little demand for input points, and most of the required points are output points, so choosing twidoo PLC with flexible point configuration becomes the best choice. As the main controller of the whole automatic control system and the control center of the system, Twido PLC plays an irreplaceable role. In this set of control system, we selected the complete solution of Schneider company, which has the hardness, strength and rigidity similar to metal, and selected the latest magelis xbtg series touch screen as the human-computer interaction interface. According to the control parameters transmitted from the xbtg touch screen, Twido PLC calculates and controls the opening/closing of the water pump and each spray valve at an appropriate time to ensure the accurate and stable operation of the system

this set of automatic sprinkler control system is mainly composed of a magelis xbtg2110 touch screen, a set of Twido PLC, contactors, thermal relays and other low-voltage electrical appliances, as well as some other control components. The CPU module of the main PLC adopts twdlmda20drt of Twido series. This PLC has powerful functions. It not only supports the commonly used floating-point and double word functions, but also has many functions such as sorting, finding the maximum value and minimum value, which can be called directly, which brings a lot of convenience to programming

various process control parameters input by the on-site operators through the xbtg touch screen, mainly including the selection of water pumps, the characteristics of the cement spraying pressure tester when using, and the selection of drenching valves, spraying time, spraying times, etc., are transmitted to Twido PLC. After obtaining these control parameters, PLC starts the water pump according to the selection of the operator, assigns the set spray time and spray times to the corresponding time relay and counter, and opens/closes the spray valve one by one according to the set operation sequence to spray water on the coal pile. When the system stops working, it will also shut down the water pump according to the sequence set by the program, and then close the external microcomputer valve of the spray after a few seconds to prevent the impact of water hammer

3. Summary

the set of coal yard automatic spray control system we helped Xiangshan Xiangrong machinery company develop has now been widely used in the coal yards of many power plants, such as Henan Hebi Wanhe Power Plant Phase II expansion project, Jiangxi Chenming Group, Shandong Puqi power plant and so on. The system has been recognized by users for its stable quality and excellent after-sales service. It has also achieved high popularity in the power industry, and the product supply exceeds the demand. The Schneider electric control system we developed has also won extensive praise from the leaders, sales and technical personnel of Xiangrong company. With the further development of the power industry, the requirements for environmental protection and energy conservation are getting higher and higher. It is believed that the demand for this set of automatic spray control system in coal yard will also be increasing

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