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Lanzhou Petrochemical "Kunlun" nitrile rubber plays a leading role

on May 15, Lanzhou Petrochemical also developed a new product nbr1704 nitrile rubber. At present, the market share of "Kunlun" nitrile rubber continues to increase, and the role of "leader" in the domestic nitrile market is becoming increasingly prominent

Lanzhou Petrochemical has developed a new product nbr1704 nitrile rubber. This kind of rubber has good oil resistance, low temperature resistance and other properties, and is "tailored" to meet the needs of some special industries

in 1962, Lanzhou Petrochemical introduced the 4500 ton annual nitrile hard rubber device of the Soviet Union using high-temperature intermittent polymerization, and produced the first piece of nitrile rubber in China, opening the history of China's independent production of nitrile rubber. Over the past 50 years, Lanzhou Petrochemical has relied on independent innovation to strengthen and expand the nitrile rubber industry, and has independently developed the production process and technology of 50000 tons of nitrile rubber per year. The total production can specifically mention that the breakthrough power of graphene, additive manufacturing materials, nano materials, superconducting materials and other materials has reached 65000 tons per year, the product premium rate has reached 99.8%, the production and marketing rate has maintained 100% for many years, and the profit momentum has been relatively strong, Become the "leader" of the domestic nitrile market and lead the development direction of the nitrile market

independent research and development to do large-scale

Lanzhou Petrochemical 45000 ton nitrile unit was completed and put into operation in 1962. Due to serious aging of equipment, instruments and pipelines, it was shut down in 2006. In 1998, Lanzhou Petrochemical Company introduced the technology of Japan ruiweng company, and built a nitrile soft rubber plant with an annual production capacity of 15000 tons in April 2000

with the rapid development of the national economy, the demand for nitrile rubber is increasing. In 2006, the domestic demand for nitrile rubber reached about 120000 tons, and domestic production enterprises, including Lanzhou Petrochemical, only have a production capacity of 44000 tons per year. Even if they are operated at full capacity, they only account for about 30% of the market demand

it is imperative to give full play to Lanzhou Petrochemical's nitrile technology advantages, expand production scale, meet the domestic market demand for nitrile rubber, and enhance PetroChina's leading position in the field of nitrile rubber

the synthetic process of nitrile rubber belongs to the high-end technology of synthetic rubber. Before 2006, the core production technology of nitrile soft rubber was monopolized by several technological powers such as Germany, Japan, South Korea and Russia. In the design of 50000 ton unit per year, Lanzhou Petrochemical has communicated with foreign manufacturers with advanced nitrile technology to seek technology transfer, but no foreign company is willing to cooperate or provide technology transfer

"what foreigners can develop, we can also develop." Liu Jiping, Secretary of the Party committee of Lanzhou Petrochemical rubber plant, who participated in the planning, design and construction of a 50000 ton nitrile plant that year, said

the technicians had a hard exploration with Lanzhou Huanqiu contracting & Engineering Corporation. On the basis of digesting and absorbing the imported 15000 ton unit process technology, through technological innovation and production process optimization, they completed the preparation of the 50000 ton annual nitrile rubber unit process package in 2007

the successful development of a complete set of technology of 50000 tons of nitrile rubber per year has laid a solid technical foundation for the engineering design of the device, and filled the technical gap of low-temperature lotion synthesis of nitrile rubber in the field of synthetic rubber in China

in 2009, the annual 50000 ton nitrile plant was completed and put into operation, and the staff proudly called it "big nitrile". The successful start-up of "big nitrile" brought considerable benefits to the enterprise that year. So far, Lanzhou Petrochemical's production capacity of nitrile rubber has reached the largest in China, and the product qualification rate has reached 100%

follow up the market research and development of new products

"at present, Lanzhou Petrochemical nitrile rubber has formed a series of 14 brands, including 3 hard rubber and 11 soft rubber, which can meet the demand of PEEK and is expected to develop rapidly to fully meet the different needs of the market for nitrile rubber production." Gaozhixing, production director of nitrile rubber workshop of Lanzhou Petrochemical rubber plant, said

in April 2000, Lanzhou Petrochemical built a 15000 ton annual nitrile soft rubber plant, which introduced 9 brands, but only produced twoorthree. In 2009, the annual 50000 ton nitrile rubber plant was completed and put into operation. Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, Lanzhou Chemical Research Center and Northwest Chemical sales company cooperated closely to give play to the integrated operation mechanism of production, marketing and research, which laid a good foundation for forming a series of production brand numbers and improving market share. Northwest Chemical sales company strengthened market research and customer visits to translate user needs into specific performance and indicators of products and transmit them to Lanzhou Petrochemical Company. Lanzhou Petrochemical and Lanzhou Chemical Research Center have completed the work of products from laboratory to industrial production

after more than four years of efforts, Lanzhou Petrochemical "Kunlun" nitrile rubber has formed a series of products with n41, nbr2907, nbr3305, br3308 and n21l as the main brands and the combination of high, medium and low nitrile, meeting the needs of different levels of the market

multi party linkage to expand advantages

Lanzhou Petrochemical nitrile rubber technology research and development has never stopped. From the beginning of the establishment of the enterprise, a rubber research center has been established to carry out relevant research and technical research on nitrile rubber. In half a century, it has carried out dozens of major technological breakthroughs and device transformation, and has achieved 21 national nitrile technological achievements and 3 invention patents

Lanzhou Petrochemical's annual 50000 ton nitrile rubber plant ranks first not only in PetroChina, but also in China, with the largest scale and the best product quality. The overall technical level has reached the international leading level. At the same time, after Lanzhou Petrochemical's annual 700000 ton ethylene reconstruction and expansion project was put into operation, The production raw materials of nitrile rubber have changed from outsourcing to internal supply (for example, the clamping surface of samples such as plastic film and fiber yarn), which makes the supply more stable and enhances the competitiveness of the products.

in order to further expand the market share, Lanzhou Petrochemical company, Lanzhou Chemical Research Center and Northwest Chemical sales company jointly established the "production, marketing and research" of nitrile rubber, which integrates production, scientific research, marketing and technical services Based on the integrated technical service platform, a nitrile rubber stationed technical service group is formed to regularly carry out on-site technical services for end-users of nitrile rubber. Through the stop service, the processing application adjustment scheme was provided for more than 10 end users on site, the technical problems in product application were solved, and the user application effect was significantly improved

"with stable supply, reliable quality and after-sales service aiming at user satisfaction, Lanzhou Petrochemical Ding has been listed by the Ministry of Commerce as the key supporting exhibition of the plastic industry for 12 consecutive years, and nitrile rubber has been fully recognized by users." Li Wenjuan, a senior engineer in charge of nitrile rubber technical services of Northwest Chemical sales company, said

at present, the market share of "Kunlun" nitrile rubber continues to increase, and the role of "leader" in the domestic nitrile market is becoming increasingly prominent. At the same time, the market share of nitrile rubber products of foreign manufacturers in China has gradually shrunk, and some have even withdrawn from the Chinese market

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