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Lanzhou rail transit construction introduces the world's high-precision shield machine

Lanzhou rail transit construction introduces the world's high-precision shield machine

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place a sample 7 on the lower plywood 8 Heavy head 1 is connected to the force application beam of the electronic universal experimental machine through the set screw

Guide: at present, the construction task of Lanzhou rail transit is being comprehensively promoted as planned. Yingmentan station has been fully started. By the end of April, the 150 meter main structure of Century Avenue station will be completed, and it is expected to be completed by the end of October. Yesterday, the Lanzhou rail transit engineering test section of China Railway 21st Bureau was busy, and the project manager Bo Zhi

"at present, the construction task of Lanzhou rail transit is advancing in an all-round way as planned. Yingmentan station has been fully started. By the end of April, the 150 meter main structure of Century Avenue station will be completed, and it is expected to be completed by the end of October..." yesterday, the Lanzhou rail transit engineering test section of China Railway 21st Bureau was busy. Bo Zhijun, the project manager, said that it is expected that the shield machine and supporting facilities will enter the site one after another on March 27

shield machines and supporting equipment will enter the construction site of Lanzhou rail transit test section on Century Avenue in Anning District. Large machinery and construction personnel in busy operation can be seen everywhere on the orderly construction site

"Shiji Avenue station is divided into 14 construction sections. The deep foundation pit excavation is still in progress, and about 74000 cubic meters of earthwork excavation has been completed. Up to now, 50% of the total construction of the station has been completed." Songweijie, head of the Engineering Department of the Lanzhou rail transit project test section of China Railway 21st Bureau, introduced that the Century Avenue station is an important hub in the Lanzhou rail transit network, and the size and depth of the foundation pit of its main station are super large deep foundation pits. In order to control the deformation and settlement of the foundation pit and protect the surrounding built structures, and comprehensively consider many factors such as geological conditions and the characteristics of the foundation pit itself, targeted scientific construction technology is specially formulated to ensure that the foundation pit of the main station can finally successfully meet various technical requirements

according to the introduction of the exhibition organizer, the rail transit pilot section to be built first was selected at Century Avenue, Anning District, Lanzhou, which includes two stations and one section, namely, the section between Century Avenue station, yingmentan station and Century Avenue station yingmentan. The station is an island station with two floors underground, with a construction area of 12000 square meters, an interval length of about 600 meters, and an estimated investment of 360million yuan. The construction mode adopts BT mode, and the civil engineering takes about 30 months. Among them, the total length of the Century Avenue station is 305.15mm, the net width of the standard section is 21.8m, and the excavation depth of the foundation pit is 17.19 to 18.70m. The shield shaft on the west side is 31.5m wide, the shield shaft on the left line on the east side is 21.8m wide, and the shield shaft on the right line is 10.2m wide

"at present, the project is advancing rapidly as planned. On March 27, China railway construction heavy industry group specially" tailored "the 83m long and 50A heavy rail transit in Lanzhou The oil delivery pump is stuck with dirt; The 8-ton shield machine is expected to enter the site. At present, the hoisting scheme has passed the expert review and will be put into operation after its assembly and commissioning. " Bo Zhijun said that the modern shield tunneling machine integrates optical, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, sensing and information technology. It has the functions of excavating and cutting soil, transporting soil ballast, assembling tunnel lining, measuring and guiding deviation correction, and has high reliability requirements. At present, it has been widely used in subway construction. The construction of the test section will provide the starting conditions for Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1 to cross the Yellow River

shield construction reduces traffic pressure

Lanzhou rail line 1 must pass through two business circles, Dongfanghong square and Xiguan cross, Cities with "high population density, high building density and high traffic density" along the line "Three highs, especially between Qingyang Road and Zhangye Road, there are rows of high-rise buildings, heavy traffic, and basically no space corridor that rail transit can use.

it is reported that the underground structure of Lanzhou rail transit adopts the underground scheme in the part where each line crosses the urban center. On both sides of the line, especially in the downtown area, there are many buildings, prosperous businesses, dense traffic, concentrated flow of people, dense underground pipelines, and underground sections The selection of construction methods should not only meet the use function of the subway itself, but also meet the reasonable development and utilization of underground space, and avoid the adverse impact of construction on the surrounding environment. In order to reduce the impact of line construction on urban traffic, shield tunneling will be used in areas where conditions permit. Shield method is a fully mechanized construction method. It is a mechanized construction method that the shield machine is pushed in the ground, and the surrounding rocks are supported by the shield shell and segments to prevent collapse into the tunnel. At the same time, the soil is excavated with cutting devices in front of the excavation surface, transported out of the tunnel through the excavation machine, pressed and jacked by jacks at the rear, and assembled with precast concrete segments to form the tunnel structure. On May 21, 2011, Lanzhou municipal government and China Railway Construction Corporation signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. China Railway Construction Corporation Limited built a plant in Lanzhou new area to produce shield machines for Lanzhou metro project

foreign science and technology was used in the project of bringing Dalian to Qinhuangdao. In fact, shield construction was used in the project of bringing Dalian to Qinhuangdao as early as 1976-1995. The project is located in Tianzhu Tibetan Autonomous County and Yongdeng County of Gansu Province. It introduces the Datong River from Qinghai to Qinwangchuan, 60 kilometers north of Lanzhou. It is a large-scale gravity irrigation project, which was completed in 1995 after 20 years of survey, design and construction, with a total investment of 1billion yuan

the project passes through the ups and downs in the Qilian mountain area, which is mainly characterized by many buildings, many long canals and many tunnels. The total length of the main canal is 87 kilometers, and the total length of the branch canal is 880 kilometers. There are 33 main canal tunnels with a length of 75.4 kilometers, and 71 tunnels above the main canal with a total length of 110 kilometers, including 31 tunnels above 1 km. Among them, the Pandaoling tunnel of the main canal, with a total length of 15.723 kilometers, is the seventh longest tunnel in the world and the first in China. At present, the Headrace Tunnel still ranks first in the world, and some worldwide problems have been solved in the construction. Many channels form a rare "underground artificial river" at home and abroad

under the conditions at that time, due to the limitation of equipment and technical level, the construction methods of tunnel construction mostly stayed at the heavy physical labor and complex process level of drilling and blasting excavation, small mining truck transportation, and manual spraying concrete pouring. The slow construction speed, many potential safety hazards and short ventilation distance make it difficult for the long tunnel to be built quickly. The double shield full face tunneling machine (TBM) is used in the construction of Yinda Qinhuangdao tunnel. The shield machine is imported from Italian seli company, which has become the most advanced equipment in contemporary underground engineering construction, and has the advantages of fast speed, high quality, high efficiency and good safety. This was very remarkable at that time. "TBM has played an important role in the construction of the long tunnel of the diversion project from Dalian to Qinhuangdao. At present, more and more underground engineering projects in China have adopted TBM construction." Gansu provincial headquarters of introducing universities into Qin said

82 people set up a shield machine operation team

"shield machines are large-scale construction machines with high power, large volume, high scientific and technological content, which have extremely high construction difficulties and risks. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the project department specially set up a shield machine operation team composed of 82 people, with an average age of only 30 years and a college degree or above." Songweijie said that at present, 82 members of the operation team have passed systematic and scientific training, and have been incorporated into the factory to start preliminary site layout and other work

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