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Lanzhou rail transit "Jincheng No.7" shield machine departure

Lanzhou rail transit "Jincheng No.7" shield machine departure

China Construction machinery information

on May 25, the shield construction between tumendun and West Railway Station of Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1 phase I project began, and the earth pressure shield machine "Jincheng No.7" started from the right line tunnel of tumendun station, heading for West Railway Station. This is the fifth shield machine to start operation since the commencement of the first phase project of Lanzhou Rail Transit Line 1, which is safe, efficient and low-noise (basically no noise at low speed). This project is implemented by China Railway 17th Bureau, which has rich construction experience in the field of domestic urban subway

it is understood that the length of the left and right lines between tumendun and west railway station is about 735 meters, and the buried depth of the tunnel is 12 to 20 meters. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the project, the construction unit, the Municipal Rail company and the construction unit, China Railway 17th Bureau, have made sufficient preliminary preparations, and completed detailed geological exploration in the early stage according to the complex geological conditions, Organize well-known domestic experts to train Ningbo (Jiangbei) membrane magic power town to repeatedly discuss the feasibility of the construction scheme, study and judge the risks and demonstrate the technical scheme due to the close connection between China's extruder products and strategic new industries, formulate a practical construction scheme, and adopt the earth pressure balance shield machine with high construction efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation in the selection of shield machine

according to the construction plan, the "Jincheng 7" shield machine is expected to drive to the west railway station at the end of August this year to realize the right line of the interval tunnel. In late June this year, the shield machine "Jincheng 8 abrasion test machine" will start from the left line tunnel of tumendun station, and it is planned to arrive at the west railway station at the end of September, when the double line connection will be realized

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